Pontesbury CE Primary School Curriculum

Curricular Intent

The vehicle for ensuring we achieve our vision, for all pupils, is our curriculum and this is its intent.

All children deserve the highest quality education during their primary school years: our vision is therefore, for all pupils to:

  • flourish as imaginative, inspired and successful learners
  • grow as kind, encouraging individuals who value diversity
  • develop a sense of confidence, pride, belonging and service as valued contributors to the school and wider community

Our children will leave our school with the confidence and resilience to embrace opportunities, fulfil their potential and make the world a better place.


How our curriculum achieves this intent.

Our school has a clear commitment to promote a strong Christian ethos which guides our day-to-day lives and curriculum. We aim to ensure children reach their full potential by offering an exciting, engaging and challenging curriculum that builds on prior knowledge and fosters a positive culture of learning. The curriculum is designed to create resilient learners who are compassionate and responsible citizens. Children will be encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle, become confident in their abilities and talents and be given opportunities to be inquisitive through an ambitious curriculum.

Curriculum Design

Our knowledge-based curriculum has been designed to ensure we meet the demands of the National Curriculum whilst considering creating meaningful experiences and forming connections across subjects and year groups to enable our children ‘to know more, remember more in order to achieve more.’

Curriculum Design Overview

Key Drivers

Our curriculum is underpinned by four key drivers that will run throughout our curriculum to ensure children are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills for their future education.

They are:

  • Christian Values
  • Healthy Habits
  • Active Learning
  • Our Place in the World

Christian Values

As a Church of England primary school, we have a clear commitment to promoting a Christian ethos within the school and our curriculum. We provide opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and understanding of Christianity and to understand and respect different religions, beliefs, values, traditions and worldviews.

Healthy habits

Our school understands how physical and mental health supports learning and our children’s futures. We prioritises the development of healthy habits for everyone and dedicate time in our busy school-life to develop children’s appreciation and knowledge of how they can form healthy habits.

This Key Driver has been divided into two of our 8 Golden Threads:

  • Caring for the Environment
  • Sustainability and Lifestyle and Health

Active learning

Our curriculum is designed to support pupils in taking an active role in their learning. We encourage children to ask questions, to retrieve and link prior and new learning, to discuss ways of solving problems and to take part in their learning journey.

Our Place in the World

This driver is divided into six of our eight Golden Threads which are used to guide children through their learning as they create meaningful links across subjects and year groups.

Golden Threads:

  • Rise and Fall of Empire;
  • Conflict and Resolution; Political,
  • Social and Economic Development;
  • Significant Figures and their Achievements (Local, National, International);
  • Significant Events (Local, National, International)
  • Human Diversity (Religions, Cultures, Traditions, Communities)

Whole Curriculum Overview 2022-23