As a school we have a strong committment to the environment, we are also keen to promote healthy lifestyles for all our children and their families. We encourage our children to walk to school wherever possible. This is much easier for children living in the village however even those that have to travel by car are encourage to park a short distance from the school and walk at least part of the way. This is not only of benefit to the health of the children, but also reduces congestion outside the school.
Children living further away, may be entitled to travel on a free school bus or alternatively you may be able to purchase a seat on a bus (subject to availability)
Application for Transport
Cycle ShelterChildren may also cycle to school, we actively encourage children who choose to cycle to wear any recommended safety equipment this should include a cycle helmet. Lights and reflective clothing are essential during the winter months.
We regularly take part in the ‘Walk to School’ campaigns that takes place throughout the school year, further details can be found on the newsletters.
Directions to our school.
Summer 2016 saw the launch of our walking bus every Friday. The bus calls at two stops in the village, the first stop at School Green (opposite the Co-operative) at 8.30am and the second stop at The Plough at 8.40am. Please complete the form below if you’d like to register your child to use the walking bus.
Walking Bus Consent 2016