Our school is a community school, and it determines the admission arrangements in agreement with the local authority (LA). The Admissions Authority for our school is therefore the LA, which publishes its entry regulations every year. Parents and carers can receive a copy of these regulations directly from the LA.
The LA’s annual admissions prospectus informs parents and carers how to apply for a place at the school of their choice. Parents and carers have a right to express their preference, but this does not, in itself, guarantee a place at that particular school. Application should be made on a form that can be obtained from your local school, and should be returned by the date stipulated on that form. The LA will notify parents and carers of the decision as soon as all the applications have been considered.
In this area, there is now only one admission date per year, in September (at the start of the autumn term). Those starting school in September will have their fifth birthday between 1st September and 31st August the following year.
Parents Guide to Education (Shropshire Council website)
In year school admissions (children moving schools during their primary education) are handled directly by the school, please complete a Mid-Term Application Form and return to the school office.
Here is a table to explain the stages/years of primary education:

Stage Year Age
Early Years Foundation Stage
Reception 4-5 years
Key Stage 1 (KS1) 1 5-6 years
2 6-7 years
Key Stage 2 (KS2) 3 7-8 years
4 8-9 years
5 9-10 years
6 10-11 years