Year 3 Camp PPS (5th-6th May 2022)

Dear parents,

We have an exciting opportunity to offer Year 3, in lieu of them missing out on the Colomendy residential visit, we are delighted to be able to bring them Camp PPS.

Camp PPS (run by The Outdoors People) will be a 24 hours experience (hopefully at least 8 hours will be spent sleeping) from 3pm on Thursday 5th May to 3pm on Friday 6th May 2022.

During the 24 hours the children will:

  • Put up (and take down) their tents, unpack their sleeping bags, pyjamas and teds;
  • Have fun with team building games;
  • Make a hot chocolate with muddy water – by making a water purifier first!
  • Enjoy the obligatory evening camp fire with toasted marshmallows, songs and interactive stories.

Try a variety of bushcraft activities to include:

  • Bugs, buns and blazes;
  • Firelighting: using a sparking fire-steel, everyone will set cotton-wool ablaze!
  • Bush-tucker challenge!
  • Learning to make pancakes over the open fire (bug seasoning optional!)

Crash and carry:

  • Your plane has crashed in the jungle!
  • Gather supplies!
  • Learn to help an injured teammate!
  • Build a shelter!
  • Survive!

They will be fed dinner, breakfast and lunch during the 24 hours and plenty of drinks and snacks, and of course the optional bugs!

This will be the second Camp PPS and once again we have opted to include a Night Watch so everyone – parents, staff and children can sleep soundly knowing the children are safe.  The Outdoors People will be providing qualified instructors and of course PPS staff led by Mr Lowrie-Herz and Mrs Crane will be joining in the fun too.

The cost of this fabulous experience will be £60 which we feel is excellent value for money.  If you have any questions please contact the school office.  Further details and kit list to follow.

We suggest a payment plan of:

£10 – 7th February
£10 – 21st February
£10 – 7th March
£10 – 21st March
£10 – 4th April
£10 – 25th April

To secure your child’s place we ask for a £10 deposit by Monday 7th February and the remaining balance of £50 no later than Monday 25th April.

Payments and consent should be made via School Money please.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Lowrie-Herz & Mrs Crane