Wednesday 8th July

Hi everyone, here’s what we will be up to today.



Have a look at the work you did yesterday with the animals and their rhyming words. Today I would like you to use these to turn into your own ‘Oi Frog’ book. For each animal, choose a rhyming word for them to sit on and write about each animal on each page.

So, mine might go like this:

Oi stag! Sit on a rag.

Oi bat! Sit on a hat.

Oi frog! Sit in a bog.

Oi goat! Sit on a boat.

Oi yak! Sit on a mac.

Once you have finished your story, you could draw a picture of each animal sitting on their item for each page. Use the book template below if you would like, or make your own!

Book Template



I hope you have been working hard to learn your number bonds to 10 this week. Today I would like you to complete the colouring picture below to help you learn the facts you have been learning.

Number Bonds Colouring


Have a good day, and please let me know what you’ve been up to!

Miss Roberts x