Tuesday 7th July

Hello everyone,

I hope you had fun yesterday.


Please do lesson 2 from White Rose Tuesday activity


Tuesday answers

All year groups resources here


Today I’d like you to look at this PowerPoint about another Pop Artist call Roy Lichtenstein


Lichtenstein was inspired by comic strips I thought you may like to have a go at making your own comic strips using these tutorials from the ilearn2 site.


Enter Pupil Code – 1089

I thought you make also like to have a go at painting or colouring these sheets in the style of Lichtenstein.  t-ad-153-roy-lichtenstein-inspired-colouring-pages-

You may also go back to other computing topics that you want to continue.

Y3 PixilArt work – enter code 2221

Please look out for Mrs Gwyther’s post for some suggestions of other art activities.