Tuesday 7th July

Hi everyone, here is our work for today.



Today we are going to continue our work on rhyming. To start off with, I’d like you to read ‘Oi Frog’, if you don’t have a copy you could always log on to Tapestry as there’s a video of me reading it on there. Or watch the video below.

Can you spot all the animals and the words that rhyme with them? Once you’ve listened to the story, I’d like you to think about rhyming words for different animals. You can either use the sheet below to cut and stick the rhyming words in the right places, or come up with your own list of animals and rhyming words to go with them.

Animal Rhyming Words

Keep your finished work handy as you will need it for tomorrow!



I hope you enjoyed exploring your number bonds to 10 yesterday, we are going to do a bit more work on it today. I’d like you to have a go at the sheet below to complete the number sentences. The number in the first box is how many orange dots there are and the second box is for how many green dots there are. Remember – each one always adds up to 10!

If you don’t fancy printing this off, you could always come up with your own number sentences for the number bonds to 10 using the equipment you used yesterday.

Number Bonds 10 Frame


Have a good day everyone, remember Mrs Gwyther will be posting our art activity separately. Don’t forget to let me know what you’ve been up to!

Miss Roberts x