Tuesday 7th July

Good morning lovely people,

I hope you enjoyed your arty day yesterday.  Today, we are going to continue with the art theme.

Let’s begin with a little morning maths.  Get our brains warmed up and ready to go.  We have been working hard to read scales for capacity lately but I just want to make sure you understand litres and millilitres and how they can be used.

Morning Maths


Today you are looking at measuring temperature.  You need the same scale reading skills as you do for mass and capacity.




As it is ‘Arts Week’,  I thought it would be really nice to find out a little more about a very famous Russian artist names Wassily Kandinsky. Have a little look at this video.

Use the information in the video to make a fact file about Kandinsky. Choose one of the fact file sheets below or make your own poster about him.


Factfile 2

Practise your spellings and read a little of your reading book.

If you have time, you could use some bright colours and have a go at listening to your favourite piece of music and drawing with the colours you see, just like Kandinsky.

If you are full of energy after all of your hard work,  have a little go at this…

Mrs Gwyther will be posting our afternoon work.  Have a wonderful day everybody.  Let me know how you are getting on or if there is anything you need.

Mrs Pope x