Tuesday 30th June

Hi, everyone.

Thanks for working so hard yesterday. It was so lovely to hear from lots of you and to find out more about what you like and to see examples of your work. Here are our activities for Tuesday.


I was in my garden earlier and saw a lovely butterfly on one of the flowers, so that gave me inspiration to do a maths task connected to butterflies! I am sure you have talked about symmetry before but, if you have forgotten what it means, watch this short demonstration of a child having fun making a symmetrical butterfly picture using paint (you only need to watch up to 1 minute): symmetrical butterfly video

If you have paints, you may want to have a go at making your own butterfly similar to the one in the video. Alternatively, you can use these sheets to complete the symmetrical design with either paint or with colouring pencils/felt tips: complete-a-symmetrical-butterfly-pattern-fingerprint-activity-sheet 

There is also this sheet if you want to start completely from scratch or work on a more complicated design: butterfly-outline-colouring-sheet

Using a mirror can be really helpful when you are learning about symmetry. Can you see the dotted line going through the middle of the butterfly? Well, if you place your mirror along that line, you can keep checking to see if your design is actually symmetrical because you should see the same design with or without the mirror!

This is a rather lovely video of symmetry in nature and in the world around us. When you are next outside or on a walk, can you spot any symmetry as you are out and about? symmetrical world video


Thank you for telling me all about yourselves yesterday. Today I want to hear more about any pets that you have. Use the sheet to fill in details about either one of your pets or an animal that belongs to a family member: all-about-a-pet-activity-sheet

You may be super keen to do more writing so, if you would like a challenge, have a go at writing some short sentences about the animals shown on these sheets. There are some helpful words on the sheets as well as some reminders of what good sentences need!  pets-early-writing-activities


Yesterday you went on a colour hunt and did really well finding all sorts of things to match each colour. Today we are going to stay thinking about colour and have a go at making our own ‘colour monsters’ that suit our mood of the day!

Use the link to watch the video. It starts with the story of the colour monster and talks about different feelings being different colours. Then there is a demonstration of how to make your very own colour monster. You don’t have to use the equipment that the teacher in the video uses if you don’t have these materials. You can use whatever you like! Oak Academy colour monster lesson

Have fun being creative! x