Tuesday 23rd June – Daily Challenge: Bottle Flip and Balloon Flap!

Challenge 1 – Bottle Flipping – Can you land your bottle?
It feels a bit funny setting you this challenge (when I have spent quite a lot of the year asking people not to flip their bottles…) but today we are going to work on this dexterity challenge!

You will need:
– a plastic bottle, about half full of water (you can experiment to get the best result)
– a sensible place to try this (your grown ups might prefer you to try this in the garden!)

Here is a tutorial into how to do the basic bottle flip:

Once you had mastered the basic flip, why not attempt some more challenging tricks:AChallenge 2 – Balloon Flap
Get yourself a blow up balloon and a newspaper or piece of card and see how long you can flap your balloon and keep it in the air.
Can you get your balloon from one end of the room to the other without touching it with your hands?
Can you do any balloon trick shots?