Thursday 2nd July

Hi, everyone. Thanks for working so hard yesterday. As the week goes by, I am getting to know more and more about lots of you which is lovely. Here are the activities for Thursday.


Today we are going to be doing some counting. Have a look at the fairy tale characters on the sheet. I Spy and Add characters

Do you recognise any of these characters? What stories are they from? Count how many there are of each character and then use what you have found out to solve the addition number sentences. Using buttons or toys may help with adding the numbers practically. addition number sentences


Continuing with the fairy tale theme, think about your favourite fairy tale. You may want to listen to this story before you do today’s English task.

Why do you like this story? Can you tell an adult who the characters are in this story and who you like best in the story? Draw a picture of your favourite fairy tale character and then write some words, phrases or sentences to describe them. If you are a confident writer, try to use some really amazing words in your writing.


The recent weather has inspired this afternoon’s music session! Do you know the song, ”It’s Raining, It’s Pouring’? Watch the video and do your best to join in: ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring’ song

What does rain sound like? Do you like the sound of rain pattering on your roof? I do! Is rain always heavy? Does it sound different when it is lighter? Now let’s be creative thinking about ways that we could make rain sounds using either ourselves – we call this body percussion – or things we can find around the house!

How could you use your body to make the sound of light rain? How about clicking your fingers or gently tapping your hand with a finger? Now think about how to make the noise of heavier rain. How about clapping softly? Finally, think of how you could make the sound of super heavy rain! Maybe clapping loudly or even stamping!

Can you create your own piece of ‘rain music’ in this way? Maybe an adult can conduct you and tell you whether the rain is light, medium or heavy! Other family members could join in too.

Here is a sheet with some more ideas for body percussion on it: body-percussion-rainstorm-activity

Have fun being creative! x