Thursday 14th

Good evening / morning Room 7

This week seems to be going really quickly. I would just like to say how impressed I am with how well you are all working. It is fantastic seeing lots of you on teams or on classroom working well together.

Our English and maths for today are continuation of the work from the rest of the week.

For maths we have been looking at division. You can choose from any of the activities on classroom but I think it would be good for you to look at SATs questions using multiplication and division. This way you can see what sort of questions you need to be able to answer. To check your work look at the answer page.

If you have already completed this try the reasoning paper or the harder word problems.

For English we continue with our journalistic unit. On Wednesday I asked you to make notes about the last ten months. Today I want you to try and write this up into paragraphs. You will then be able to use this next week when you try to make a video broadcast. Try to include good things, bad things and your feelings.

For all of the work tomorrow you can join me at anytime by going on teams. This might be to ask me a question, see my introductions, listen to the class story or to see your friends.