Today, we had our termly quiz. Mrs Hilditch (our Quiz Master) quizzed pupils on the knowledge they’ve learnt this term in subjects ranging from RE to Geography. Each class selected a team to represent them in the quiz. We were bowled over by the knowledge each class had retained and all representatives did really well to answer the questions. This quiz is also reinforces the positive work we’ve been doing to develop our curriculum and the pupils’ memory.

Fancy a go yourself? Take a look at a few of the questions each class was asked:


In the story of Noah’s ark, what animal did Noah send to find dry land?

Where did Ernest Shackleton travel to?

Year 1

What do you call an animal that only eats plants?

Where would you find a Jewish mezuzah?

Year 2

When did Queen Victoria reign from and until?

What is the scientific word to describe a tadpole turning into a frog?

Year 3

What types of paintings is J W Turner famous for?

What is the name of an animal that has its skeleton on the outside of its body?

Year 4 

Name four different biomes.

Can you name three parts of the ear?

Year 5 

Where are the majority of volcanoes found?

Who denied knowing Jesus?

Year 6 

On what date did Germany invade Poland?

Name the four components of blood.