Pick & Mix: Afternoon suggestions!

For your final week of Primary School, I have tried to come up with some useful, creative and entertaining challenges for you to choose from. You do not have to do everything. Choose those things that you will enjoy doing and that will help you have a lovely week:

Don’t forget our picnic is on Thursday afternoon! I really hope you can all come (but I do understand not everyone will be able to make it).

Challenge 1: Learn to tie a tie! This is Mrs Rowe’s preferred method!There is a slightly easier version (and the next video has helped several Rowe boys learn how to tie their tie!):

Challenge 2: Chocolate Bar Design (this challenge might take several days)

Design a new chocolate bar. Write a recipe which details all the ingredients.
Design the packaging for your chocolate bar.
Record a jingle to advertise your chocolate bar. Why not use Chrome Music Lab to help with this?
Create a video advert for your chocolate bar!

Challenge 3: Cookery Challenge

Learn how to cook a meal for your family. You will need to ask before you do this and will probably need an adult to supervise/help if you are cooking using the hob or the oven.
Share a picture of your meal.
I like to use BBC Good Food for recipe ideas.

Challenge 4: Learn how to make a friendship bracelet.

Challenge 5: Family Fun!
– go for a walk
– create a den in the garden and invite members of your family to join you for a natter
– play a boardgame together
– watch a film together
– take your family by surprising by tidying your own bedroom and a room that everyone uses (bathroom, living room, kitchen)