Monday 29th June

Hi everyone. Well, how exciting is this?! I hope you all had a super weekend and are looking forward to becoming Year 1 children in a few weeks time. Every day this week it will be me posting an English task, maths task and an afternoon activity for you to have a go at. Please email me to say hi, or to show me how you have got on with the activities! (


It would be lovely to know more about each one of you. Use the sheet to tell me more about what you like, don’t like, something about your family and what you want to be when you are an adult. Don’t forget to write your name at the top and to draw a picture of yourself too! Feel free to write extra words or sentences on a separate piece of paper if you want to. Confident children could write sentences about their pet or about who their friends are at school. all-about-me-sheet


One of my favourite things is teddy bears. Have a look at the patterns and finish them using a bear who is the right size and colour. Some of the sheets are harder than others, so only print off the sheets you feel confident doing. sorting-bear-repeating-patterns-differentiated-activity-sheets-

Can you then make your own pattern using pictures or shapes of your choice? Maybe you could make a pattern using pictures of your favourite things. You don’t have to use the sheet; if you prefer you can make your pattern using things around your house and then take a photo of it.


How many colours can you name? What is your favourite colour? Mine is red. Use the scavenger hunt sheet to go searching for things that are each of the different colours. You only need one of the sheets on this file! If you are feeling confident, try page 3 but otherwise stick to either page 1 or 2. Depending on how confident you feel, draw what you find or write down what it is. colour-scavenger-hunt-differentiated-activity-sheets

Have a super day, everyone!

Mrs Garcia x