White rose maths for Year 5 covers metric units, imperial units, time and timetable problems. These are all useful things to work on.

Year 5 videos      Lesson-1-Metric-units        Lesson-1-Answers

Lesson-2-Imperial-units    Lesson-2-Answers        Lesson-3    Answers    Lesson-4    Answers

Year 6 work covers: drawing 3D shapes, circles, pie charts and finding the mean. These are new topics and will be really tricky if the videos aren’t watched. The children who have been tackling this work are capable of doing this.

Videos    Lesson-1      Answers      Lesson-2-Circles      Lesson-2-Answers-Circles

Read-and-interpret-pie-charts    Answers  The-mean    Answers-The-mean

Super challenge – How many points do Leeds need to get promoted?