Home learning Tuesday 22nd September

Here is what we are learning in class tomorrow (Tuesday) for anyone unable to come to school.

Wake Up, Shake UpPirate


We will continue talking about shapes and become more confident knowing how many sides and corners they have. Start by watching the video and working through the quick activities: 2D shapes BBC

Can you find the shapes named on the sheet? Choose a different colour for each of the shape names and colour in all of the matching shapes with that same colour. Become more familiar with the properties of each one by counting the sides and corners. Are the sides straight or are they curved? Face Shapes


Today we found examples of labels around the classroom and talked about how signs and labels help us know where things are. Sometimes you can find labels in books or diagrams. Do you have any information books that may have labels in them? See if you can find some.

Next, have a go at using your reading skills to match the animal label with the correct animal: animal labels If you found this fun, there is a fruit labelling activity to try too: fruit labelling

We will be starting our English by singing the alphabet. Can you sing it from start to finish?


We will be looking at the difference between what material something is made out of and the everyday item itself. Enjoy watching this short clip and see if you can name some of the materials you see: materials clip

Then, look at the pictures on page 2 to decide which one is an everyday item and which is an everyday material. For example, a table is an everyday item. The wood it is made from is an everyday material. Can you complete the sentences about the scissors, the window and the table? You can choose three things of your own to write about if you want to, too.

Activity Sheet Object and Materials


We will be looking at ‘ar’ today and writing words using this grapheme. Practise writing the following words:

car, far, star, farm, start, alarm, charm

If you are feeling confident, try putting these into short sentences.