Friday 3rd July

Hi, everyone. Well, it’s Friday again! Thank you all for making this week such a lovely one and for working so hard. I am very excited about seeing you in the Autumn term as Year 1s! Here are our activities for Friday.


Today we are going to have a go at some taking away, or subtraction.  Most children find this harder than adding. Watch the Numberblock video to remind you what it means if you subtract. Numberblocks subtraction Can you see the sign that tells us we are taking away? See if you can solve the calculations on the sheet. Every time you take away an amount, cross the right number of mini beasts off to help you see how many are left. Using toys to represent the numbers on the sheet may also help. You will see that the sheets are differentiated, so if you are feeling more confident you can try page 3 or even page 5. Be careful not to print off the sheets that you do not need! minibeast-themed-subtraction-activity-sheets


Today I would like you to reflect on your time as reception children and tell me about some of your favourite memories. What have you really enjoyed? What have some of your favourite activities been? Who have your friends been? Use the sheet to write words, phrases or sentences: end-of-the-year-writing-activity-sheet


Do you know anyone that has a treehouse? Maybe you have a den in your garden that it is really fun to play in! You could always have a go at making one!

Have fun designing different treehouses for each of the characters by clicking and dragging on the items you want in this game: Arthur’s Treehouse game Listen carefully as each character has a special request for their design!

Enjoy your day, everyone, and have a super weekend. It has been lovely getting to know you and I’ll see you all soon.

Mrs Garcia x