Friday 26th June: Daily Challenges

You have two challenges today. The first is the egg and spoon challenge and the second is the tea towel hurdles!

Challenge 1: Egg and Spoon

Do you remember doing the egg and spoon race at Sports Day?! For this, you will need a steady hand and plenty of focus.

You will also need:

  • some spoons – these can be of a size of your choice. Younger children may want to use a tennis racket
  • an egg, potato or ball! Younger children could alternatively use a bean bag or a soft toy
  • two markers placed 3m apart, or further if you want a greater challenge!
  • a stopwatch or timer

How many ‘shuttles’ can you do in 30 seconds? Keep trying to beat your personal best!

Challenge 2: Tea Towel Hurdles

For our second challenge, you will need some outdoor space and four tea towels or towels to jump over. How many ‘shuttles’ can you do in 30 seconds? If you want to make it harder for yourself, add more tea towels!