FINAL WEEK! Pick n’ Mix: Maths and English Suggestions

Well, it is your final week as Pontesbury Primary School pupils! What a strange year it has turned out to be. Whether you are working at home or in school, I want you to enjoy your last week as Year 6 pupils and to make the most of the time in a fun and creative way. As you know, we do not usually follow the ‘normal’ curriculum timetable during the last week of term. With this in mind, I am going to suggest a range of activities that you can do – it will be up to you and create a ‘pick n’ mix’ timetable from the suggestions below. As always, I would love to hear from you (email me) about what you are doing at home!

Suggestion 1: Mrs Garcia will be posting links to the White Rose Maths activities and answers for this week. You can do each daily lesson and the complete the task.
White Rose Maths

Suggestion 2: complete your Mary Webb maths transition booklet (or continue with it). Half an hour per day would be great!

Suggestion 3: complete some of the puzzles on the Nrich website. There are lots of brain teasers here for those of you who enjoy a challenge!

Suggestion 1: continue to use the Cressida Cowell Summer Camp videos for inspiration. There is such a wealth of wonderfully inspiring videos to choose from…I wonder which you will choose?

Suggestion 2: take on one of my daily writing challenges. I try and write something every day: it might be a diary entry, something for work (a website post, a letter) or just a short paragraph from my ‘things to write about’ book. I think that if you want to improve your writing, you have to do lots of writing!
Mon – pick a small object to be given one day to your great-grandchild. Write a letter to that child explaining why you have chosen this object.
Tues – tell a complete stranger about a beloved family tradition.
Wed – you are an astronaut. Describe your perfect day.
Thurs – write a poem about a tomato.
Fri – sitting in a single location for 20 minutes, take notes focusing exclusively on the sounds you can hear.

Suggestion 3: follow the BBC Daily Lesson ideas.
Mon – Analysing Texts
Tues – Analysing Myths
Wed – Exploring Legends
Thurs – Writing a Legend
Fri – Review and improve your legend.