Bitesize updates English lessons daily. You can also click on upcoming lessons. This week’s work is looking at myths and legends.

As it is the last week it is an ideal opportunity to write your thoughts of this term. What has it been like during lockdown? This could be done as a poster, a letter, a diary a PowerPoint or any other way.

You will hopefully be doing lots of reading so you might want to do a quiz on accelerated reader.

It is still important to practise grammar and punctuation skills.

modal-verbs-lesson        Lesson-2-relative-pronouns-lesson    Lesson-3-active-and-passive-lesson    Lesson-4-subject-and-object-lesson    Lesson-5-subjunctive-form      Lesson-6-synonyms-and-antonyms      Lesson-7-apostrophes-for-contraction      Lesson-8-apostrophes-for-possession    Lesson-9-phrases-and-clauses    Lesson-10-tenses      Lesson-11-commands-statements-and-questions    Lesson-12-direct-and-reported-speech    Lesson-13-preposition-and-pronouns    Lesson-14-adjectival-phrases    Lesson-15-dashes-and-hyphens    Lesson-16-determiners

I am NOT expecting any of this to be covered. I have linked it all for anyone that wants work for the holidays. We will go over this in September. If you do understand these things then in September you will be able to work on other things and will only have to quickly recap it.

For a writing task you could tell me why Leeds United are the best football team.

If you want to do any other English work that is fine.