Wednesday 1st July

Good morning everyone, I cannot believe it is Wednesday already!  I do hope you are enjoying your week as year 2’s.  It is certainly lovely for us to find out more about you and all the things you enjoy.

Let’s get started.  As I’m sure you are aware, we always begin our day with a little morning maths.  Just to get our brains going.  Today we are going to be looking at addition.  To help us, we are going to be using a number line.  Something I know you will be familiar with already.  The sums on the sheet each have a number line next to them.  You can draw on this or use your finger to show your working out. Some of the number sentences have missing numbers. Use your finger or a pencil to count on from the lowest number to the highest number.

Morning Maths

Now that our maths brains are fully warmed up, let’s have a little look at our maths for today.  Today you are looking at money, but it will be recognising bank notes not coins.  Yesterday we said to ask if you could see a selection of coins.  You can try asking the same today but as notes are a lot more valuable than coins, you may not see many different types.  I know if I was asked, I would have no bank notes in my purse to show sadly, so you may have to just stick with the pictures today.

Here is the video link.

Your worksheet is below.

Lesson-3-Recognising-notes (1)

Well done everyone.  Have a little brain break and listen to this story.  It’s one of my favourites.

Yesterday we thought back about what we remembered about being in year 1, all the things we had enjoyed and would remember.The fun we had and the friends we made.

Today we are looking to the future.  What are your hopes for this year? What would you like to get better?  What do you hope this year will be like?   Have a little think and perhaps talk about it with your grown up at home.

You can either complete the sheet below and think about the year ahead…

Hopes for the year

…or you could write a letter to yourself.  In it you could tell you what you are going to get better at, what you are going to try hard to learn, what you are going to practise.  You could then put the letter in a safe place until this time next year.  Then you can open it and see what has changed.

Letter Border

Have fun having a think about what this year will be like, let us know what you are looking forward to and what you would like to get better at.

My email address is:

Find a cosy spot, snuggle up and spend a little time reading your reading book.

This afternoon would be our PE afternoon.  First, to warm up your bodies, have a little go at following this dance video.  It’s lots of fun.  After a couple of times you will be an expert!

Minions Dance

Now you are all warmed up, have a go at this…

We hope you have a lovely day today.  Keep us posted on how you are getting on, it’s great to hear from you and find out a little more about you.

Mrs Pittaway and Mrs Pope x

Tuesday 30th June

Good morning everybody,  thank you for sending me your work yesterday, we had a lovely time finding out about you!  What a talented and amazing bunch you are!

Today, we are going to begin with our morning maths.  We thought you might enjoy finding your way through a little maze.  How confident are you counting in 10s?   How far can you count in 10s?  Have a little go at singing this song.


Can you find your way from the start of the maze to the finish by counting in 10s?

Morning Maths

We are going to carry on with our maths.  Today, in your White Rose Maths, you are going to be looking at money.  Can you recognise all the coins we use?  It might be useful to ask someone at home if you can have a little look at a few coins.

Here is your video to watch and join in with.

Here is your sheet.


For your English today, we’d like you to think about your memories of being in year 1.  What do you remember?  What was your favourite moment?  Your favourite story?  A memory you will never forget?  I know this year has been a bit of a strange year, but you have lots of things you can think about.  The memories don’t have to be from school, they can be things you have done at home too.  You can draw pictures as well as write sentences if you would like to.

My favourite book I read in school this year was ‘Granny’ by Anthony Horrowitz.  I really enjoyed reading it because it was so funny and just a little scary.  My favourite memory was performing our nativity performance.  I remember feeling really proud of you all at the end of the performances.  My favourite activity was mini beast hunting in our school field.  Who knew how many creatures live around our school!

Have a little think, what do you remember…

Memories Sheet

One of the things we do lots and lots of in year 2 is reading.  We share stories, read to each other and have whole class reading lessons every day.

We thought you might like to have a little look at a reading comprehension.  These are texts that you read to yourself and then answer questions about what you have just read.  This is a skill we will teach you. However, if you fancy having a little try, here is a story you will be very familiar with.  If you feel confident, read the whole of the text then answer the questions about it.  Or you can share reading it with someone at home, or you can listen to the story and talk about it.  I have included 3 levels of reading comprehension.  Level 3 is the trickiest.

Comprehension Sheet 1

Comprehension Sheet 2

Comprehension Sheet 3

If you don’t fancy reading this story, please feel free to read your own reading book.

For your afternoon activity we would like you to draw/paint/make your own portrait.

Have a little look at these portraits.  Some of them have been done by famous artists, some have been done by children.  All self portraits show you looking  how you think you look but some also show a little about your special personality.

Have a go at drawing or making your own portrait.  You might like it to be in pencil, or you may wish to paint it.  You could make a portrait collage, anything you fancy.  It would be really lovely if you could keep your portrait nice and safe and then bring it to school with you so that we can create a little display of you all in Room 3.

Have a lovely day all of you.  Remember to keep me posted on how you are getting on.

Mrs Pittaway and Mrs Pope

Tuesday 30th June – High Hopes!

High Hopes!
Today our theme is ‘High Hopes’ because I want us to think about our hopes and aspirations for the future. Here is a song to set the scene:

When I was at primary school I really wanted to be an author (I still would like to write a book) or maybe a pop star; I used to spend lots of my play times rehearsing dances and songs with my friends. I also used to write scripts for radio shows and make my brother perform them with me (we used a tape recorder – they are so old fashioned you might not even know what one of those is). So, I was bossy even as a child!


For your English task today I would like you to draw a picture of yourself doing a job you would love to do in the future. This is about thinking far ahead into the future – be as ambitious as you like! Please write a caption to tell me about the picture. A caption is one or two sentences that explain what is in the picture.

Future Aspirations

Then have a think about your hopes and wishes for next year in school. Think about three things you would like to get better at next year. This could be a subject you want to develop your skills in, a club you want to join or something else entirely!



Today’s focus on White Rose is on ‘Comparison, Sum and Difference’.
Watch lesson 2’s video and then complete the task.
Main Task: Lesson-2-Comparison-sum-and-difference
Main Task (answers): Lesson-2-Answers-Comparison-sum-and-difference

Afternoon Task

This afternoon’s activity has a Geography focus. I would like you tell me about a country you would be interested to visit and explain to me why you would like to go there. I have put two video clips here to get you thinking – if you want to see some more videos about life in different countries, click on this link.

One day, I would love to visit Japan. I am really interested by the history and culture of Japan. I would also really love to see the famous cherry blossom. The video below contrasts life in London with life in Tokyo (Japan’s capital city).

This next video compares life in the North of England with life in Northern Australia.

There is a world map here. You could print it off, colour in the country (or countries) you are interested in visiting and then write a list of some of the reasons you would like to visit this place. You might have to do a bit of research online to find out some interesting facts to share with me.

World Map

Monday 29th June

Good morning everybody and welcome to transition week!

This week we will all get to know each other a little better, ready for September.  Mrs Pittaway and I are really looking forward to welcoming you into year 2.  We have a fantastic year planned and are sure you will be absolutely amazing year 2s.

When year 2s come into the class in the morning, their first job is to complete their Morning Maths.  This will be a short activity that you will recognise.  Something we have already practised or some maths facts we would like you to learn.  So, lovely year 2s, here is your first Morning Maths.

You can choose. Either practise your number bonds for 10.

Number bonds for 10

Or practise your number bonds for 20.

Numberbonds for 20

The choice is yours.

For your maths lessons this week, we will be following the White Rose Maths online.

Here is today’s work for year 1.  We are on Week 10, Lesson 1.

Here are your worksheets.



For your English work today, we would like you to tell us all about you. The things you like, your family, your friends.  This way, we get to know you a little better.  We will fill one in too and put it on a web post for you to read.

All about me

It would be lovely if you sent us a copy of your work to:

Then we can find out all about you too.

It would be really hard for us to set you spellings without meeting you, but if you would like to practise some spellings, I have included a Year 1 Common Exception Word Booklet.  You can use this to practise  spellings if you wish.  If you are a super speller, have a go at the year 2 booklet.

Common Exception word Booklet

Common Exception word Booklet Year 2

If you have a few moments or would like a bit of a break, have a listen to this story.

This afternoon we thought it would be lovely if you made a simple dream catcher. Have a little look at the pictures below.

Here are some instructions. All you will need are some twigs, some string or wool and anything you would like to decorate your dream catcher with.  You can use feathers, beads fabric or paper, leaves, the choice is yours.

You can shape your dream catcher into any shape you like if your twig is long or bendy enough.  I have made circle ones and triangle ones but you could make them into a square if you wish.


I always marvel at how the sting can be tied in such beautiful, cobweb like ways. Mine never look like that but they still catch dreams just as well!

We hope you have a lovely day being a year 2.  Let us know how you are getting on.  You can email on the address above, we’d love to hear from you and see what you have been up to.

Have a great day everyone.

Mrs Pittaway and Mrs Pope x

Friday 26th June

Good morning everybody. I cannot believe I’m writing Friday’s posts already!  This week has passed so quickly.

For your morning maths this week, I thought we’d return to telling the time.  Here are some games, choose the one that is most appropriate for you.  Even if you are really confident and can read all times, it’s always good to practise the skill.


We are going to finish the week by looking at reading a variety of different scales. Have a look at the PowerPoint.

Reading and comparing scales PP

Have a go at one of these sheets, reading lots of different scales.  Remember, when reading scales, you always have to look carefully at the numbers and lines on a scale.  What is the scale counting in? How do you know? What numbers aren’t there? What are the lines telling you? What might be between the numbers on the scale?

maths sheet 1

maths sheet 2

maths sheet 3

As always, sheet three is the most challenging.


We are going to have a Free Write Friday. Choose one of these pictures, or any other you like from a book at home, and write about it.  It could be a story, information text, poem, song or any other genre of writing you fancy.

Remember, all writing will need capital letters, full stops and well chosen adjectives and verbs. Try and include some of the skills we practised yesterday.

Today is spelling test day.  Good luck everyone!

Find somewhere quiet and read a little of your reading book.

If you have a spare few minutes, I have another book for you to listen to.  You may want to listen to this on in instalments as it’s a longer story.  This is the first book I remember reading to myself.  I have read it many times.  I actually remember listening to this version of the story when I was a little bit younger than you!


Next week Mrs Hilditch and Mrs Davies are going to be posting your work on our web page as part of Transition Week.  It will mean that you can get to know them a lot better before September and they can find out what a fab bunch you all are.

Enjoy your sporty afternoon and I hope you have a lovely weekend everybody.

Let me know how you get on today.

Mrs Pope x

Friday 26th June – Maths and English

Well done! We have done another week of mixed home and school learning; well done everyone.

Today is the Friday maths challenge day.
For your warm up, I would like you to tackle the arithmetic test:


For your main task there are a number of puzzles for you to tackle:
Crossnumber Puzzle
You can also work on the Friday Maths Challenge on the BBC Daily Lesson site.
BBC Daily Lessons

For today’s English you have Free Write Friday to enjoy. Think about what you would like to write and how you would like to write it! The great thing about writing for pleasure is that you are able to make some choices about where, what and how.
You might like to revisit the 24/7 challenge from earlier in the week and see how many different 24 word stories you can generate!Why not try all these genres/styles?
Spy Novel
Fantasy (dragons etc!)

Thursday 25th June

Good morning everyone.  I hope you are all well.  Did you have lots of fun doing the Ping Pong Challenge?  It was pretty tricky wasn’t it!

Today we are going to practise dividing by 2,5 and 10 in our Morning Maths.  Do you remember how we did this in school?  If your question is 50 divided by 10 and you are unsure of the number fact, simply count on your fingers, in 10s, until you get to 50. Then look at how many fingers you are holding up. This way you are using your times table facts to help you work out division questions.

So 14 divided by 2, count in 2’s until you get to 14 and see how many fingers you are holding up.

Have a go…

Morning Maths


Today it is day 4 of our week looking at measuring. Today we are looking at mass.

Here are the accompanying worksheets.  Remember, year 1 and 3 are on the School News Page.



Today we are continuing to look at sentences and punctuation in our English lessons.  Please can you work through the PowerPoint below.  You are practising things that we have talked about and rehearsed in school and I hope it will all come back to you.

Room 3’s Writing Challenge

Please can you practise your spellings.

You may have just a little time to have a look at this reading comprehension.

Comprehension text

Here are the questions for the text.  Question sheet 3 is the harder questions to answer.

Questions 1

Questions 2

Questions 3

I hope you have a lovely day and don’t get too warm in the sunshine.

Let me know how you get on.

Love from Mrs Pope x

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning everyone, I hope you found time to enjoy the sunshine yesterday.  Today looks like another lovely day, get your sun cream and cold drinks ready!

Morning Maths:

Today, I’d like you to think about halving amounts.  There are 3 sheets here.  Number one it the most simple.  You don’t need to do all 3 sheets, just pick out the most suitable for you.  You can share the dots into each half of the ladybird’s shell to help you. Remember, jotting are always OK.


Today we are working on day 3 of our length and measurement unit.

Here are the worksheets to go with the presentation. Monday’s post on our School News page has the year 1 and year 3 lessons and resources.



Today I’d like you to think about past and present tense.  Past tense is when an event happened in the past. For example: Yesterday I drew a picture.  It is the verb – the doing word – that changes.

If it is present tense, we are doing it right now. For example: Mrs Pope is typing.

Remember when we looked at this before and talked about how the ending of the verb changed from ‘ed’ or ‘ing’.  Some verbs are tricky and change completely – swim- swam, sing-sung, draw-drew, ride-rode…can you think of any more?

Have a little look at the presentation and games below on the BBC Bitesize web page.

Now have a go at this game.


I hope you are feeling super confident with this now. Have a go at sorting these words into past and present tense using this chart.


Please can you practise your spellings – now they are finally on the website!

Read some of your reading book in a quiet shady spot.

Then take a few minutes to enjoy this…

Have a wonderful day everyone.  Enjoy all of the sports and games this afternoon.

Keep me posted.

Love from Mrs Pope x


Tuesday 23rd June – Daily Challenge: Bottle Flip and Balloon Flap!

Challenge 1 – Bottle Flipping – Can you land your bottle?
It feels a bit funny setting you this challenge (when I have spent quite a lot of the year asking people not to flip their bottles…) but today we are going to work on this dexterity challenge!

You will need:
– a plastic bottle, about half full of water (you can experiment to get the best result)
– a sensible place to try this (your grown ups might prefer you to try this in the garden!)

Here is a tutorial into how to do the basic bottle flip:

Once you had mastered the basic flip, why not attempt some more challenging tricks:AChallenge 2 – Balloon Flap
Get yourself a blow up balloon and a newspaper or piece of card and see how long you can flap your balloon and keep it in the air.
Can you get your balloon from one end of the room to the other without touching it with your hands?
Can you do any balloon trick shots?

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning everyone,   I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday.  Did you all have fun trying out the PE activities?

Morning maths:

Have a little look at number bonds to make amounts to 20. There are 2 sheets, you only need to do one of them.

number bonds to 20


As usual, we are following the White Rose lessons.  Lesson 2, Week 9 today.

And the sheet for today…


Year 1 and 3 work is, as always, on the school news page.


You did some very tricky work yesterday, looking at all 4 different types of sentence.

Can you tell someone at home what a command sentence is?

What piece of punctuation comes at the end of an exclamation sentence?

What does a statement sentence do?

Today I’d like you to have a little look at this   PowerPoint.

Room 3’s Grammar Challenge

Once you have worked your way through the PowerPoint, I’d like you to Choose a challenge sheet. Challenge 2 is the more difficult.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Have a look at the sheet, I’d like you to decide on the type of sentence eg statement, question, exclamation, command.

Then I’d like you to correct the sentences themselves.  Some of them have missing capital letters for the start or proper nouns. Others have missing punctuation.

Please can you read your book for a little while, you may even get chance to read in the garden tomorrow!

Please can you practise your spellings.

Now you need to have a lovely lunch.  This afternoon’s PE will be posted on the website.  I hope you have lots of fun being active and leaping around.

Keep me posted on how you are finding the work or what other lovely things you are getting up to.  It still feels so strange not seeing you all but when I plan what you are going to do, I imagine you doing the work in our classroom.

Mrs Pope x