Monday 18th January

Good morning everyone, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend.

This week in maths we are going to be learning about 3D shapes.  3D is short for 3 dimensional, it means you can pick it up.  If something is 2D or 2 dimensional it is like a drawing, you can’t hold it in your hands.

Here is a shape mat to help you.  It shows you the 3D shape and gives you its name.  You might want to have it nearby to help you with the PowerPoint.

3D shape mat

Have a look at this PowerPoint.

Name the 3D shape

Remember, that vocabulary of face, vertices and edge are really important.

If we were in school,  we would have the big box of 3D shapes out so you would be able to see them and hold them. You would be able to point out the vertices, edges and faces and count them.  Today I would like you to make a 3D shape collection.  You could do a search around your house,  can you find and cylinders, spheres, cuboids, cubes or square based pyramids?  If you can’t find all of the shapes, here is a selection you can print and make so that we all have the shapes with us for our work this week.

3D shape nets

Today, in English, we are going on a visit. You won’t need a packed lunch and you definitely won’t need a warm coat although, you may wish to bring an umbrella!!

See if you can guess from this video.  You only need to watch the first 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Yep, you’ve guessed it, we are going to finding out all about rainforests and their amazing creatures for our English.  This week we are going to be writing information texts all about what we find out.

Have a look at this PowerPoint.

Monday PowerPoint

And here is your sheet. Today I would like you to create a glossary from the text in the PowerPoint.  Choose 5 words, order them alphabetically and then explain them.  You may wish to use a dictionary to find out what they mean or perhaps an internet search.  If you choose to do an internet search, make sure you put ‘for kids’ after you type in the word.

If you have a little time, have a look at this.

Please can you choose a reading comprehension suitable for you and have a read then answer the questions. Comprehension 3 is the most tricky.

Wildlife Comprehension 1

Wildlife Comprehension 2

Wildlife Comprehension 3

Please can you practise your spellings.

Have a little brain break and enjoy a story.


Last week, in our topic work we found out how farming began. This afternoon, I would like you to think about where are food comes from.  We are very lucky, in Shropshire, we are never too far from a farm.  Have a look at this PowerPoint.

Where does our food come from PowerPoint

Now have a go at sorting these foods into those that come from animas and those that come from plants.

Where food comes from



Friday 15th January

It’s Friday!

Well done everyone, you have done an amazing job this week.  Thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing the lovely things you have been doing.

Here is your maths.

I have put a link to the ‘Funky Mummy’ game because I know how much you love it.  You can practise your number bonds or your times tables.

Here is your maths PowerPoint. Today we are continuing with adding and subtracting multiples of 10 but you are going to have to do both today.  Remember to keep your 100 square near by to double check your answers or to help you as you work.

Maths PowerPoint

100 square

Subtracting 10 maze

adding and subtracting 10 race game


extra challenge

As it is Friday, please can you do your spelling test.  Let me know how you get on and I will keep a record so we can add your stickers to the class chart.

For English, we are going to do a ‘Free Write Friday’. Today you can use one of the pictures, or a picture you love from home and write anything you like.  You could write a story, an information booklet or poster, a poem or song, a diary a letter…whatever inspires you most. You can hand write your work or you could do it on the computer if it is available.

Here are some pictures for you to have a look at.

Let me know how you get on, I am looking forward to seeing what you creative lot come up with.

Here is a story for you to relax with.

As you have done your spelling test, here is a copy of your spellings for next week.


Week 2


Week 2


week 2

This afternoon we will be doing RE and Computing.


I’m really please you enjoyed the work on programming last week.  This week, we are going to continue with this skill and do lesson 2.

You will need the activity code Y654.  We are looking at lesson 2.  There is a short video to watch and then get practising!!

For our RE this week, I would like you to listen to the PowerPoint of the Prodigal Son.  I would like you to think about forgiveness.

The prodigal son

Have you ever had to say sorry for doing something silly? I know I have.  What was it? Have a chat with someone at home about saying sorry, how you show you are sorry and what it means to forgive someone when they do something silly.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Love from Mrs Pope x





Thursday 14th January

Good morning,

I cannot believe it is Thursday already!

Let’s get started with our maths shall we.

Here is a place value maths game for you to have a go at.

Place Value Basketball

Here is today’s PowerPoint.

Thursday Maths PowerPoint

Here are your sheets to go with the PowerPoint.  Sheet 3 is the most challenging.

Sheet 1

sheet 2

sheet 3

To begin with, for your your English today, I would like you to play the board game you made yesterday.  Make sure you are really clear about all of the rules for how you play your game.  Have a look at what equipment you need. How many players can play the game?  Explain to someone at home how you play your game.  Perhaps they could ask you a question or two about it to make you think carefully.

Here is the PowerPoint

Instructions PowerPoint

Here is a template for writing your instructions if you wish to use it.

Instructions template

Please can you practise your spellings.

Find somewhere quiet and spend a few minutes reading your reading book.

Here is a little brain break for you!

This afternoon is our PE afternoon.

This is really popular in our house!!!  Have a go!

Keeping with oceans themes this week,  why not try a little yoga?

Perhaps you can also get out and about for a walk or bike ride?  Play in the garden, make up a dance.  Have fun and be safe whatever you do.

Have a lovely day everyone and let me knowhow you are doing.

Love from Mrs Pope x


Art 14.01.21

For Art today, I’d like you to take inspiration from Jeannie Baker and her wonderful picture book, Mirror. She used collage to create the pictures in her book. Last week, you sketched the picture on the front cover of Four Feet, Two Sandals. I did see some lovely efforts from you, thank you. So this week, I would like you to create a collage of the front cover. You can use any resources you have at home, e.g. old magazines, empty cereal boxes, coloured paper, bits of fabric, rice, pasta etc. You can use any scrap materials you have to hand but always ask for permission to use first!

Try and make those mountains high up on your page. The tents should be high up the page too and smaller with Lina and Feroza at the front. Try and include the smaller details as well, in order to make the collage come to life! I can’t wait to see them!

front cover of Four Feet Two Sandals

Closure of the school kitchen

Regretfully it is not currently viable to keep the school kitchen open . So from Monday 18 January 2021 all children attending school will need to bring a packed lunch from home.

Children currently in receipt of benefits-related free school meals will be catered for until such time as vouchers can be issued. They have been contacted separately.

If anyone feels they may now be entitled to claim free school meals please apply online at

We do look forward to resuming full service in due course. In fact I think it is fair to say we all long for normality to return.

Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday 13th January

Good morning my lovelies, I hope you are all ok.

Today would have been our PE afternoon but, so that everyone gets some PE time in school, we have swapped it to a Thursday instead.

We really enjoyed jumping around, dancing and counting in school, so if you fancy having another go, here it is.

Super Movers counting

We will begin with our maths. Today we are going to be adding multiples of 10 to 2 digit numbers.  Have a look at the PowerPoint and then have a go at the sheet that suits you best.

Wednesday PowerPoint

Here is the 100 square, you may need it for today’s work.

100 square

Here are today’s sheets. As always, sheet 3 is the most tricky.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

For English today I would like you to make your own board game. Yes you heard me right! It can be about anything you like, animals, times tables, Disney characters, cars, snakes, anything!  Have a look at your board games at home for inspiration, look at how they are set out and what the aim of the game is.  You can design your board and questions in any way you like. You can write the questions on the board itself or you could make question cards for people to answer. It’s up to you.  Below are some board game templates if you need them but feel free to come up with your own design.

blank 1 with question cards

blank 2

blank 3

Once you have designed and made your game, play it.  Make sure you are really clear about the rules. Explain them to someone at home and show them how to play it.  Tomorrow we are going to write instructions for how to play the game.

Continuing our oceans theme this week, have a little read about the amazing dolphin.

Comprehension 1

Comprehension 2

Comprehension 3

Here is a little more information about these amazing mammals if you want it.

This afternoon is now our science afternoon.

Have a look at this PowerPoint about how people grow and change throughout their lifetime.

In the PowerPoint, I have asked you to investigate whether people get faster as they get older.  You could do this with younger or older brothers or sister, or the grown-ups you have at home, if they have time.  You could even create a grid to record your result.

Science for Wednesday

We often end the day with a story, have a little listen to these. Find somewhere warm and cosy.  You could even ask a grown-up to make you a warm drink.  Be careful though, it’s really hard to sit still and listen to Pete the cat.

Have a lovely day, let me know how you are getting on.

Love from Mrs Pope x




Tuesday 12th January

Good morning everybody,

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. Did you manage to follow a recipe?  Our classroom was a little  bit floury after we had finished making flatbreads in school! In fact, some of us went home a little floury too.

Let’s start the day with a little maths warm up.  Have fun, do some dancing and wiggling and get your brains working.

Super Movers counting

Today in maths we are looking at taking away or subtracting 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers.   Have a look at the PowerPoint. Hopefully the sound will work, if not I have typed up the questions too

100 square

Tuesday PowerPoint

Tuesday maths


In English today we are going to write instructions for making flat breads, or whatever lovely, delicious delights you made at home. Have a look at the PowerPoint and then include all the features in your own set of instructions for how to make your recipe.

Tuesday PowerPoint

Here is a sheet to help you lay your work out, if you need it.

Instructions grid

Please can you practise your spellings.  When you have done this, have a go on phonics play.

Here are the log in details.

Please can you play these games first.

Have a quick run through of ‘Flash Cards’ this will keep all of the sounds we have learned fresh in your minds.  Once you have had one go, see if you can beat your score.

Choose either phase 4 or 5 to suit you.

Then you can play a quick game of ‘Buried Treasure’ to practise your blending skills.

Again, choose phase 4 or 5, whichever is best for you.

Here is today’s story. Sit yourself somewhere comfy, snuggle up and have a relax and a listen.

Have a few minutes relaxing and reading a book.

This afternoon we have art and PSHE.

So for your art today, just using a pencil and paper, I’d like you to go and find something in your house or garden that has texture. Something like a tree or clean shoe.  Put the paper over it and lightly rub the pencil over the paper so you can see the texture on the paper.  You could do this for more than one object if you wish.

Have a look at what happens if you press the pencil lightly or heavily and how does it change the picture.  Creating texture is one of the hardest things an artist can do.

For your art work, I’d like you to take a close look at these pictures.

Tuesday Art

Choose one to copy.  Can you create texture in your art work by pressing the pencil down hard or soft, using lines, marks and dots. Draw a small sketch showing what you can do.


Last week we thought about kindness, this week I’d like us to think about challenges.  Have a chat with someone at home about what you are good at.  What you would like to get better at and what challenges you could set yourself.

You, and your family if they wish, could set yourself a challenge or two. It could be a physical one, like throwing and catching a ball 100 times every day or it could be a different type of challenge,  perhaps keeping your bedroom tidy for a week or learning to tie your shoe laces.

Let me know how you get on.

Have a lovely day,

Love from Mrs Pope x

Maths 12.01.21

LO: To use a formal written method for subtraction.

Today we are going to focus on written subtraction. You have all used column subtraction before and been able to exchange (borrow from nextdoor) Watch the video and complete the sheet pausing as you go.


Y5 worksheet

Y5 answers

busy ants extension challenge

If you feel as though you would like to recap the year 4 work on column subtraction, it’s here for you: