School closing at 12pm today

Due to heavy snow forecast and plenty on the ground Mr Langford has taken the decision to close the school at 12pm today.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. This is never an easy decision and sometimes looking back it isn’t the right one (when the forecast is wrong), however we have had problems in the past with pupils and staff struggling to get home. The safety and wellbeing of our school community is always our prime concern.

Stay safe everyone!

Season’s Greetings

Sorry to mention the horrid Covid word on the last day of term but I have been asked a hypothetical question and I have sought advice from the Department of Health and thought it best to share this with you all.

If your child develops any of the coronavirus symptoms within two days of being in school and then has a positive test we would ask that you email me at school and we will then be able to provide track and trace with the details of all those in the same bubble in order for them to isolate. If a child develops symptoms later in the holidays you would just advise us on return to school. I very much hope this is not the case for any of you, we want you to be able to enjoy Christmas with your families and then want you all back happy, healthy and rested on Wednesday 6 January 2021.

On a happier note I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and very happy Christmas and hope 2021 sees us all being able to return to normal life albeit not immediately – the end is in sight!