Tuesday 23rd June – Daily Challenge: Bottle Flip and Balloon Flap!

Challenge 1 – Bottle Flipping – Can you land your bottle?
It feels a bit funny setting you this challenge (when I have spent quite a lot of the year asking people not to flip their bottles…) but today we are going to work on this dexterity challenge!

You will need:
– a plastic bottle, about half full of water (you can experiment to get the best result)
– a sensible place to try this (your grown ups might prefer you to try this in the garden!)

Here is a tutorial into how to do the basic bottle flip:

Once you had mastered the basic flip, why not attempt some more challenging tricks:AChallenge 2 – Balloon Flap
Get yourself a blow up balloon and a newspaper or piece of card and see how long you can flap your balloon and keep it in the air.
Can you get your balloon from one end of the room to the other without touching it with your hands?
Can you do any balloon trick shots?

Monday 22nd June: Daily Challenge – Circuits

Circuit training is a great way to improve your strength and fitness. This morning, to start our Sports Week, I would like you to complete a circuit of different activities. This task should take about half an hour.

You could:
Complete a Joe Wicks work out. Click on the link here to find his latest PE at home workout. Or complete this one!
Design your own circuit and complete it using the cards here for inspiration.
Monday Circuit challenge cards

Inspiration from Room 5

Home learners from Room 5 have been busy this week embracing diversity week. Here are a few of their inspirational pieces from today.

Archie’s diversity rainbow

Ivy’s diversity quilt

Henrietta’s equality pebble

Oscar’s guidelines for a kinder, more inclusive world!

Theme Week – Update!

Thank you so much for all your thoughtful work for Diversity week. We have received lovely feedback and are so glad that the activities stimulated important discussions for many families.

However, we are also aware that the change in routine has been a bit tricky for some families. With this in mind, we have tweaked our plans! From Monday 22nd your child’s class teacher will be posting daily English and Maths tasks and our afternoon suggestions will fit with the weekly theme. Mr Morris and Mrs Rowe will be posting their learning tasks onto the school website and onto Google Classroom.

We do appreciate that as more time goes by it is really hard to keep the momentum with home learning. We hope that this plan will provide sufficient familiarity and routine for children (and parents) to keep going with some daily learning and we hope that our suggestions for afternoon tasks will be fun, creative and stimulating. If you are experiencing particular problems, please contact your child’s current class teacher and they will do their best to support you.

Diversity Week Display

Hello everyone,

We have seen so many lovely pieces of work being produced this week that we thought it would be a great idea to create a whole school display.  Something we can all add to whether at home or at school. Then, when we are all back together again, we can see the amazing work that’s been going on.

If you have a piece of work you are proud of and would like to add to the display, please can you email it either to me or your class teacher.  My email address is:


I am really looking forward to seeing all of your fabulous work and for you to see what others have done too.

Mrs Pope