Tuesday 7th July – English and Maths


Today’s focus is calculating missing angles. This is revision of work we have completed earlier in the year, but it is really helpful so well worth going over:

White Rose Home Learning – Lesson 2
Task: Lesson-2-Angles-in-a-triangle-missing-angles

For additional input, please work through the BBC Daily lesson.
Extra task: missing angles


Today we are continuing our work thinking about friendship. I would like you to write a non-fiction report on friendship. Here are some headings you could use:

What makes a good friend?
Famous friendships
How to make new friends
Challenges friends face

You can use bullet points for some of these sections and feel free to set out your work however you wish. You might decide to present this report as a poster or a powerpoint.

Art Week Day 2

Andy Warhol was famous for exploring every day and familiar objects in his work, using brands such as Coco-Cola and Campbell’s Soup. He liked the idea of taking ordinary things, for example cereal or bananas, and turning them into art. He did this with his famous print of a tomato soup can.



Have a go at designing your own. It can be a real soup flavour or an imaginary one!

Monday 6th July: Maths and English Tasks

Maths: Understanding Angles

Your main maths this week is related to angles. Please use the link here to find each day’s task; you will also find the answers here so you can check your own work.
Link to daily maths tasks.


This week we are going to be preparing writing on the subject of Friendship to enter (if you wish) into the Pontesbury Library writing competition.

To get your brains ticking over, today I would like you to watch the video from the link below. This is ten minute film called Home Sweet Home and it explores the theme of friendship in a very unusual way.

Home Sweet Home
Today I would like you to complete the tasks on the sheet below:
Task: Home Sweet Home

This afternoon I would like you to try the art challenge for the day.

Transition Week – Year 6 to Year 7

Hi folks,

This week I will not be posting work on Room 8’s page or on Google Classroom. This is because you will all be working through your transition week timetable, either in school or at home.

For those of your moving to Mary Webb please remember to bring your transition pack to school with you (if you are currently attending school).

All of those transferring to Mary Webb will be using the link below to get to know the school and staff better:

Mary Webb School – Transition Information

For those of you transferring to another secondary school – don’t worry! We will have lots of useful transition work for you to do and will make sure you have a chance to visit your school’s transition support videos etc.

If you have any difficulties, please email me and I will do my best to help.

Mrs Rowe

Friday 26th June: Daily Challenges

You have two challenges today. The first is the egg and spoon challenge and the second is the tea towel hurdles!

Challenge 1: Egg and Spoon

Do you remember doing the egg and spoon race at Sports Day?! For this, you will need a steady hand and plenty of focus.

You will also need:

  • some spoons – these can be of a size of your choice. Younger children may want to use a tennis racket
  • an egg, potato or ball! Younger children could alternatively use a bean bag or a soft toy
  • two markers placed 3m apart, or further if you want a greater challenge!
  • a stopwatch or timer

How many ‘shuttles’ can you do in 30 seconds? Keep trying to beat your personal best!

Challenge 2: Tea Towel Hurdles

For our second challenge, you will need some outdoor space and four tea towels or towels to jump over. How many ‘shuttles’ can you do in 30 seconds? If you want to make it harder for yourself, add more tea towels!

Friday 26th June – Maths and English

Well done! We have done another week of mixed home and school learning; well done everyone.

Today is the Friday maths challenge day.
For your warm up, I would like you to tackle the arithmetic test:


For your main task there are a number of puzzles for you to tackle:
Crossnumber Puzzle
You can also work on the Friday Maths Challenge on the BBC Daily Lesson site.
BBC Daily Lessons

For today’s English you have Free Write Friday to enjoy. Think about what you would like to write and how you would like to write it! The great thing about writing for pleasure is that you are able to make some choices about where, what and how.
You might like to revisit the 24/7 challenge from earlier in the week and see how many different 24 word stories you can generate!Why not try all these genres/styles?
Spy Novel
Fantasy (dragons etc!)

26.6.20 PE activities KS2

This afternoon have fun being sporty with your family! Below are some ideas you can try. It is likely to be hot so remember to stay safe by drinking lots of water, wearing a sun hat and sun cream, and do not stay out in the heat for too long.

Family Sports Afternoon

Have your own Sports Day at home with family members. Here is a video (courtesy of another school!) demonstrating some easy ideas for your own Sports Day at home: Sports Day at home video

You could also include the following events in your Sports Day:

Dressing up challenge/race: dressing up challenge

Three-legged race: three-legged race

You may even want to award certificates for your winners! Home Sports Day Certificates

Play foot-golf with your family

Please make sure your parents approve of your course before you start playing! Foot-Golf


Here are some ideas for what to do in case of rain or excessively hot weather!

Play the Sports Day board game with family members: Sports Day Board Game

Play ‘Adverbs Charades’: Adverb-Charades-Challenge

Sports Day wordsearch: sports-day-word-search-KS2

Crosswords: World Cup crossword ball-sports-crossword

A-Z of sports activity: an-az-of-sports-activity-sheet

Have a fun, and safe, afternoon and a lovely weekend everyone. x


Thursday 25th June – Maths and English

Today your main task in maths is about finding the volume of cubes and cuboids.

Warm up using either Sumdog, TTRockstars or the morning maths tasks on Google Classroom.

Main: watch the White Rose video and then complete the task.
Task: Lesson-4-Volume-of-a-cuboid

If you would like more input on this, please work through the BBC Daily lesson and complete the extra task here.
pdf (12)

Today’s lesson focuses on learning about the life of William Shakespeare and then finding out about the plot and themes in one of his most famous plays: Romeo and Juliet.
Work through the videos and tasks on the BBC Daily Lesson.
Make notes about the life of Shakespeare – your notes do not have to be in full sentences, but you need to be able to read them to help you with the activity of sequencing key events in Shakespeare’s life.

Main task:
Option 1: pick a bit of the story that you found interesting and retell it in your own words.
Option 2: write a newspaper report describing the events at the end of the play:

At the ending of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet fakes her death and lies in a tomb waiting for Romeo so they can run away together. Romeo doesn’t receive the message, so thinks Juliet has actually died. He goes to Verona and sees Juliet in her tomb, thinking she is dead. He drinks poison and she wakes up to discover Romeo is dead. Juliet kills herself with his dagger.

Thursday 25th June – Daily Challenge: sock olympics!

Today you are challenged to come up with as many amazing sports skills that use a balled up pair of socks as possible! You might want to find a pair of football socks or some walking socks as heavier socks are a bit easier to manage.

You could:
– see how many ‘keepy uppies’ you can do with the socks
– practice your throwing and catching skills – go out in the garden and see how high you can throw and still catch them
– target shots – make a target for you to aim for. This could be a bin, bucket, hoop on the ground – be as creative as you can.