Tuesday 7th July

For maths Year 5 are continuing to look at shape and are studying nets of shapes. If you preferv to stretch yourself Year 6 are looking at angles in shapes.

Year 5 video    Lesson-2  Lesson-2-Answers

Year 6 video  Lesson-2    Lesson-2-Answers

If you prefer a challenge then please try

For English yesterday we looked at skimming and scanning so today I have a reading comprehension about space. This is our topic next year. There are three different levels so choose carefully. reading comprehension

For art have a look at the main news for a link to art week.

For our history topic of the Victorians I am going to leave it up to your own interests. See if you can amaze me and come up with some Victorian facts.

Art Week Day 2

Andy Warhol was famous for exploring every day and familiar objects in his work, using brands such as Coco-Cola and Campbell’s Soup. He liked the idea of taking ordinary things, for example cereal or bananas, and turning them into art. He did this with his famous print of a tomato soup can.



Have a go at designing your own. It can be a real soup flavour or an imaginary one!

Monday 6th July

The weeks are flying by and we now enter the last two weeks of term. It has been fantastic to hear from lots of the children during the last three months. With just two weeks to go it would be lovely to hear from all of the children before we break up for the summer.

For maths whiterose is looking at shapes for Year 5. Today it is finding out about regular and irregular polygons.

video        Lesson-1        Lesson-1-Answers

Year 6 work involves angles. I know some of you like tackling this work so have a look at it and see what you think.    video      Lesson-1        Lesson-1-Answers

For English bitesize has some fantastic work on reading and using texts.

They have some great videos, quizzes and activities to help understand text when you read.

For other activities you could look at the Andy Warhol PowerPoint and see if you can produce some art like his as he is our artist of the day for art week.

In keeping with our Victorian theme you can take a virtual tour of Blists Hill.

Have a super week.




Friday 3rd

Another week has flown by. It has been lovely seeing some of the children this week who signed up for the video chats. Hopefully the children enjoyed it too. It makes me really look forward to seeing the children in person soon.

The children can continue looking at the transition activities or go for the normal day. The normal day would start with:

Maths: Both whiterose and bitesize have their Friday challenge. If the children wanted to be stretched further they could look at I-See-Reasoning-UKS2-Multiplication. This involves lots of mathematical thinking from Gareth Metcalfe.

It is more suitable for those children who want to be stretched.

For English/history I would like the children to try a reading comprehension about Victorian inventors. There are three different levels of ability so the children can choose the appropriate ones for them.

Usually on a Friday afternoon we would go to the library. It would be lovely to hear that the children at home also had a long reading session where they could enjoy their favourite books.

Please remember that if you have any questions you can email me at Morris.N@pontesbury.shropshire.sch.uk

I wish everyone a super weekend.



These were the activities that were suggested for the week. The children can choose from any of them.

Activity one: Tell me all about what you have been doing since March. This can include anything at all. I will leave it up to the children how they present this.

Activity two: Miss Hughes and Miss Gwilliam have been stars and have moved our tables around. We now have 6 tables of 6. I would like you to tell me how you would sit everyone. Who would be on which table? Would you keep the same seats for all lessons?

Activity three: At school our houses are named after authors. If we renamed them which authors would you choose and why? How about if they were renamed after Medieval monarchs who would you choose? Famous musicians? Famous artists? Famous sports people? You decide who the houses are named after and say why.

Activity four: Hopefully you have done lots of reading over the last few weeks. Tell me all about these books. Which have you enjoyed and why?

Activity five: What are you looking forward to in Year 6? Is there anything that you are worried about?

Activity six: Draw a self portrait – it has been so long since I have seen most of you.

Activity seven: If you had 7 coins what are the different amounts of money you could have?

Activity eight: Hopefully we will go on some school trips in Year 6. I would like you to tell me about your favourite school trips – which was the best and why?

All of these activities can be presented in anyway you want.

Thursday 2nd July

Really sorry about that. The joys of technology. A word of warning – the chromebooks are still not working so the video chats may not happen today.

Maths. For maths I would like the children to have a go at

white rose lesson 4. We couldn’t complete some of this earlier in the week because it was a repeat of work or you would have needed a protractor and not everyone would have one. This is looking at the angles around a point. You really need to watch the video as it is something new.  Lesson-4        Lesson-4-Answers

English. For English I would like you to try using imperative verbs to write instructions. Bitesize has some fantastic videos and quizzes. If you would like to write instructions for something different than they suggest that is abslutely fine.

Topic work. Next term we will be looking at aspects of the Victorians. I want to know what class book we should have. It would be lovely if it was set in Victorian times. I have put links to sites with suggestions. Which one should we choose? See if you can think of any more.

List one    List two

I have got my favourite and will say which one later. Please give a reason for your choice.



Good evening, I do apologise but I am having problems with my chromebook tonight (it was in school when they were updating things) and now it won’t work. I can’t post links to work as I am using my phone. I will make sure I am in school early tomorrow and will put links then. To start with the children could carry on with their transition tasks. Sorry for any inconvenience. Mr Morris


July already. I hope you have remembered to say pinch, punch first day of the month. On the first day of the month I say white rabbits three times. It is supposed to bring me good luck. There are lots of transition activities still to do on the other page.

For maths I want the children to continuing to look at https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/ with lesson 4. This is from Year 4 whiterose because Year 5 and 6 is a repeat of work we have already covered. We have done very little graph work so this will benefit them.

Lesson-4-Line-graphs        Lesson-4-Answers-Line-graphs-1

For English I want you to find out about LS Lowry. He is a famous painter who was born in the Victorian period. He had a song written about him in the 1970’s that made number 1.

I would like you to research some information about him. LS Lowry will help with this.

There is then a video to watch that explains how he produced his paintings. It has been a while since we have done some art so have a go at trying to produce some art like his.

Good luck