Mr. Morris What is your favourite sport?

I was looking at the other blogs and I loved the question that Mrs. Hilditch asked. What is your favourite sport? She is so right – it would be nice to hear about your favourite sports this week. I wish I had thought of the question myself.
I like a few sports even though I am more of a spectator than a participant. I enjoy football, rugby, cricket and athletics. My favourite sports day event was always the egg and spoon race. Tell me about your favourite sports and sports day events. I wonder which ones will be the most popular.

What are my top five favorite subjects and why?

My top five favorite subjects:
1. Art
2. Maths

My favorite subject would have to be art. Why? Because in art you get to express your feelings and it helps relax me.

I like maths. The reson being, that the proplems can be difficult and I like figering them out. Even when it is hard I keep trying.

I like crochet. Because it is ralaxing and it may take a long time to get but it is really fun and worth it. You can make amazing creations.

I like dance. Why? Because you get fit and helthy whilst having fun with my friends. My favourite song we dance to is don’t call me up.

I like english. The reason being when we are writing storys I like making them up as i go along with it. Even though I am not the best at it, [because i am not the best at spellings ] i keep trying until i succeed.

And they are my top five favourite subjects. Stay happy, stay safe :} by Maddie

Madeleine Livsey – blog

My favourite subject at school is maths. I enjoy it because I like solving problems and finding patterns. My other favourite subject out of school is music. My flute teacher Katy always sets me challenging work. It is great that I can still have lessons on zoom. I’m hoping to take my grade 7 soon.

What are your favourite subjects?

So my first blog – not just here but anywhere.

I wanted to check up on you and this is a way that you can all tell me about something you enjoy.

I am sure you won’t be shocked to hear about my favourite subjects. I enjoy all subjects (which is a good job really isn’t it?) but I love history and maths.

I really enjoy history because I like finding out about the past and seeing how things have changed over time. If I could go back in time I would travel to meet:

I wouldn’t want to just meet the rich and famous as I would like to meet the people who built things, made things and lived a normal life. Is there a time in history you like? If you could meet anyone from the past who would it be?

My other passion is maths. Lots of people find this strange but I love the patterns you can find in maths. I always try to make maths as easy as possible and it frustrates me that my teachers at school didn’t do this.

My example of this is how to find percentages of a number. I was shown a way that works but is long. I prefer my way.

The long way:

30% of 40.

10% is the same as 1/10 so I have to divide 40 by 10. This equals 4 BUT I wanted 30% so I now have to multiply this by 3 so the answer is 12.

My way:

30% of 40

There are 2 zeros in the % sign so I am going to take these away and multiply what is left. 3 x 4 =12.

Tell me about your favourite subjects and why. I am sure you weren’t surprised by mine.