Tuesday 7th Jully

Good morning lovely people,

I hope you enjoyed your arty day yesterday.  Today, we are going to continue with the art theme.

Let’s begin with a little morning maths.  Get our brains warmed up and ready to go.  We have been working hard to read scales for capacity lately but I just want to make sure you understand litres and millilitres and how they can be used.

Morning Maths


Today you are looking at measuring temperature.  You need the same scale reading skills as you do for mass and capacity.




As it is ‘Arts Week’,  I thought it would be really nice to find out a little more about a very famous Russian artist names Wassily Kandinsky. Have a little look at this video.

Use the information in the video to make a fact file about Kandinsky. Choose one of the fact file sheets below or make your own poster about him.


Factfile 2

Practise your spellings and read a little of your reading book.

If you have time, you could use some bright colours and have a go at listening to your favourite piece of music and drawing with the colours you see, just like Kandinsky.

If you are full of energy after all of your hard work,  have a little go at this…

Mrs Gwyther will be posting our afternoon work.  Have a wonderful day everybody.  Let me know how you are getting on or if there is anything you need.

Mrs Pope x


Art Week Day 2

Andy Warhol was famous for exploring every day and familiar objects in his work, using brands such as Coco-Cola and Campbell’s Soup. He liked the idea of taking ordinary things, for example cereal or bananas, and turning them into art. He did this with his famous print of a tomato soup can.



Have a go at designing your own. It can be a real soup flavour or an imaginary one!

Monday 6th July

Good morning everybody,  I hope you all had a lovely week getting to know Mrs Hilditch and Mrs Davies a little better.  I bet you are all really looking forward to September and meeting them properly.  I know they are both looking forward to meeting you all and seeing what a fab bunch you are.

This week is our Arts Week and so your afternoon activities are going to be organised by Mrs Gwyther.

This morning, we are going to begin with our morning maths as usual.

Morning Maths


We are continuing with our White Rose maths.  Today we are looking at litres.  Here is the year 2 video…


…and worksheets.


As it is Arts Week,  I thought it might be quite nice to go and visit an art gallery.. Here is a virtual tour of the National Gallery in London.  Have a little look at some of the amazing pieces of art on show.


For your English today I’d like you to find out about the painter Vincent Van Gogh.   He lived and painted more than 100 years ago.  He is one of the most famous painters in the world and his art works are worth millions of pounds today.


I thought it would be nice to do a little art appreciation.  This is where you look at a work of art and think carefully about it.  What do you see?  How it makes you feel?

Have a go at the sheet below and let me know how you get on.  The first sheet tells you about the painting, the next sheets ask you to think about how it makes you feel.

Art Appreciation Sunflowers


This is a very famous song based on Vincent Van Gogh.  Have a little listen.  The video shows you just a few of his pieces of art work.

I hope you have a lovely morning, learning about Vincent Van Gogh.  I will post your spellings on a separate post.

Have a fantastic day everybody.  Let me know how you get on.

Mrs Pope xx




Friday 3rd July

Well we have come to the end of our transition week 🙁

It has been so lovely getting to know you and hearing from so many of you over the week.  We hope you are really looking forward to September and we will be busy planning lots of lovely things for us to do in our first half term back.

Today we’d like you to think about your hopes and dreams for the future.  Be as ambitious as you like!

We’d like you to think carefully about what you would like to be when you are older. We wont hold to it forever, but we would like you to think carefully about subjects you enjoy, what you think is exciting, what you like finding out about and what you are passionate about.   What skills and qualities do you have that would make you suited to this particular career?

You may like to use the sheet below to write about your dream job and draw a picture.

Future Aspirations


Please complete the Friday Challenge! Have fun 🙂

BBC Bitesize Challenge BBC

White Rose Videos


Following on from your work this morning about your drams for the future, we’d like you to share with us where in the world you would love to go, if money were no object!

Would you want to travel to a tropical island?  Would you want to climb a mountain? Would you want to visit a rain forest? See the Northern Lights?  Go on an African safari?

You can draw a picture and describe the place you’d love to visit.  Or if you are able to discuss your ideas with an adult, you could maybe research the type of place you would like to go.  So for example, if you’d like to see the Northern Lights, which countries could you visit?  What continent are they in?  Can you find them on a world map?  How would you travel there? How long would it take?  What kind of place would you stay?  You could find some pictures make a poster on the computer about your chosen place.

We hope you have fun looking forward to the future and to next year.  We are really looking forward to meeting you all properly and welcoming you all back to school as Year 3.

Thank you for a lovely week.

Mrs Hilditch and Mrs Davies x

Thursday 2nd July

Hello everyone, we hope you had a good day yesterday.


For your English work today we’d like you to think about the work you have done over the past year.  Normally we would do this exercise as part of writing our reports, but We thought it would still be nice for you to reflect upon this past year and hopefully look forward to the next.

So today we would like you think about the following sentence starters and see if you can complete them.  Please think carefully and try to give specific examples in your answers, it could be about work you completed in school with Mrs Pope, or during home learning.

This year I have enjoyed learning about …

I am really good at….

Next year in school I would like to get better at…


Please do lesson 4 from White Rose   Videos

Whole School Resources are here


This afternoon we would really like you to share something you have done that you are particularly proud of.  It could be a sporting achievement, a particular badge you have earned at Beavers, a skill you have mastered – anything that you would like to share with us.

You may like to use one of the special templates below.

Be Proud

We hope you have a lovey day.

Mrs Hilditch and Mrs Davies x

Wednesday 1st July

Hello everyone I hope you have enjoyed your work today and I can’t wait to read all of your lovely writing from yesterday.


Today I’d like to find out about you as a reader.  What kind of books do you enjoy? Who are your favourite authors? What is the best book you have read recently? What books do you want to read next?  What other things do you read? (poems, magazines, websites)  Who do you read with?  Where do you enjoy reading?

Please think carefully about all of these questions with an adult.  I would like you to make a poster either on paper, PicCollage if you have an ipad, or any other program such as Word.  I have done a template below which you may want to use and photograph or edit and email it back to me.  I would also like you to take a photo or include a photo in your poster of either your bookshelf at home, or your favourite place to read.

Book Poster


Please do lesson 3 from White Rose


Other year groups here


This afternoon I’d like you to do some exercise! Have a go at this exercise class.  It’s one of my favourites as it combines dance, aerobics, boxing training and yoga.  Be warned – it’s hard work, so you may want to see if an adult at home fancies an exercise challenge and try it together!

Born To Move

Have fun.

Mrs Hilditch and Mrs Davies x

Tuesday 30th June

Good Morning, I hope you had a nice day yesterday, thank you to all of those people who sent their work to me yesterday.  I’ve printed them off to put them up in our classroom, ready for next year.


Today I want you to amaze me with your writing skills.  I’m going to give you a picture that I would like you to use to inspire your writing.

We’d like you to write a detailed description of the setting you can see, showing off all of the skills you have practised with Mrs Pope or you may be inspired to write a whole story, but if you do this I suggest you break it down over the week as it may take a while.

I’ve also attached the picture as a word document if you want to print it. The miniature castle

We can’t wait to read your work and see what amazing authors you are!


Please do lesson two from the White Rose materials. videos

The work from the other year groups is here

Afternoon Work

This afternoon we’d like you to think about what rules you feel will be important in our class next year.  Please talk through your ideas with an adult and make a rough list of all of the rules you think of.  Try to write them in a positive way so that they are rules to aim for rather than negative ones.

Eg – ‘Be kind to everyone‘ rather than ‘Don’t be mean’

When you have your ideas please arrange your rules onto the target template below, with your most important rule to aim for in the middle.

You can print the template to use, or you may be able to get a section of plates or other circular objects to make your own if you don’t have a printer at home.

You can decorate your work to make it look bright and colourful too.

My Target Board of Rules

Transition Week Takeover!

Monday 29th June

Hello Room 3 it’s Mrs Hilditch here, I will be your class teacher next year, along with Mrs Davies when she returns from her maternity leave.   This week it is our ‘Transition Week Takeover’ this means that myself and Mrs Davies will be posting the work for you this week so that we can all get to know each other a little better, ready for September.  Our classroom will be Room 2 so you don’t have too far to move!

Please send any work and photos to my email address at


We can’t wait to see your amazing work and hopefully use some to make displays in our classroom for September.


Today we’d like to find out all about you! What are your favourite subjects in school? What are you amazing at?  What special talents do you have?  What do you enjoy doing outside of school?

You will see below a poster about myself, one from Mrs Davies and one from Miss Gwilliam our lovely teaching assistant, so you can get to know us a little better and to give you some ideas for what you could do.

Please click on the link to view poster from Mrs Davies more clearly all about me


You could do a Pic Collage like me and email it or draw a poster on paper and then photograph it to send to us, or you may do a PowerPoint.  Please include lots of details and photographs if possible.


Please continue with your White Rose maths work as normal but you can send your completed work to my email address so we can see what amazing mathematicians you are!


Monday Worksheet

If you usually access a different year group’s work those materials can be found here

Afternoon Work

Today we’d love you to do a self portrait.  You can do this in whichever way you like.

You may watch this video from the Draw with Rob Biddulph page and then adapt it to make it look just like you.

Self Portrait


Or you may do a painting or collage – depending on what materials you have at home.  We can’t wait to see your creations!

We hope you have a wonderful week and we are really looking forward to finding out all about you and the wonderful work you can do.

Have a lovely day today,

Mrs Hilditch and Mrs Davies x