Wednesday 7th June

Hello everyone,

I hope you had fun yesterday.


Please do lesson 2 from White Rose Tuesday activity


Tuesday answers

All year groups resources here


Today I’d like you to look at this PowerPoint about another Pop Artist call Roy Lichtenstein


Lichtenstein was inspired by comic strips I thought you may like to have a go at making your own comic strips using these tutorials from the ilearn2 site.


Enter Pupil Code – 1089

I thought you make also like to have a go at painting or colouring these sheets in the style of Lichtenstein.  t-ad-153-roy-lichtenstein-inspired-colouring-pages-

You may also go back to other computing topics that you want to continue.

Y3 PixilArt work – enter code 2221

Please look out for Mrs Gwyther’s post for some suggestions of other art activities.

Art Week Day 2

Andy Warhol was famous for exploring every day and familiar objects in his work, using brands such as Coco-Cola and Campbell’s Soup. He liked the idea of taking ordinary things, for example cereal or bananas, and turning them into art. He did this with his famous print of a tomato soup can.



Have a go at designing your own. It can be a real soup flavour or an imaginary one!

Monday 6th July

Hello everyone!  I missed you all last week, I hope you had fun doing your work for Mrs Gwyther.

This week is our Art Week!

We will continue to post some English work and the White Rose maths for the morning sessions and Mrs Gwyther will be posting suggestions for the afternoon sessions.


Year 3 Monday activity     Videos

Monday answers

Resources for all year groups can be found here


Today I would like you to read the information about Andy Warhol and answer the questions below.

You may also like to look through this powerpoint Andy Warhol PowerPoint

There is a printable version here t-ad-050-artist-fact-sheet-andy-warhol-_ver_2


Where was Andy Warhol born?

What activities did he do while he was ill?

Where did he study after leaving school?

What was his first job?

What was the name of the method he used to create his paintings?

Which celebrities did he make pictures of?

When did he die?

After he died he gave nearly all of his money to what organisation?

What do you think about his style of paintings?

Please send in any photos of the art work you create.

Friday 3rd July

Thank you all for working so hard. I have found out a lot about you from the work you have sent me so far. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you all in September.

Today it is Maths, English and French.


It is Friday so please try some of the Friday maths challenges. Try challenge 1,2,3 and 4.




Today I would like you to draw a picture of yourself doing a job you would love to do in the future. Be as ambitious as you like! Then write three sentences to explain your picture.



Take part in the Yr 3 French lesson (26th June) about family and hobbies, on the BBC Bitesize website.

family members

Thursday 2nd July

On Thursday it is Maths, English and Art.


Today, try the White Rose lesson 4 on telling the time.




Today, I would like you to follow the structure below to write a poem about Room 6. Think about what you would like Room 6 to be like.

Room 6

Two adjectives

Three adjectives

A phrase

Room 6


Lots of you have said that you would like to do more art so I have a challenge for you. Your challenge is to recycle some materials that you have at home and make a piece of art.




Wednesday 1st July

On Wednesday it is Maths, English and P.E.


Today, try the White Rose lesson on recognising and describing 3-D shapes.



Then please play your times table game with a family member.

Some of you might like to try the multiplication square jigsaw puzzle.



Lots of you have told me what your favourite subject is. Today, I would like you to write a letter to me to persuade me what subject you think we should do more of and why. I need to be persuaded!


Try the P.E.session with Joe Wicks.

Tuesday 30th June

On Tuesday it is Maths, English and P.S.H.E.


First of all, stand up and say your 7 times table. Then continue making your times table game. I can’t wait to play them.

If you have finished your game, then try the White Rose maths lesson 2. This lesson is about recognising and describing 2D shapes.




I have really enjoyed reading your letters. Some of you mentioned that you really enjoy reading so today I would like you to tell me about the book you are reading at the moment.


You might even like to draw the book cover so I can see the book you are reading.


Your challenge for this afternoon is to make a shield and then add some adjectives on to it to describe yourself.

Monday 29th June

Hello Room 2, it’s Mrs Gwyther here. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

This week is ‘Transition Week’ so I will be posting the work for you this week. I am really looking forward to finding out about my new class. Please send any work and photos to my email address. My email address is

Today we have English, Maths/D.T. and Art.


Today I would like you to write a letter to me to tell me about yourself.

You might like to let me know the following:

  • What is your favourite subject at school?
  • What do you need help with?
  • Who do you work well with?
  • What do you enjoy doing outside of school?

Please tell me anything you think I should know about you.

I am looking forward to reading your letters.


First of all, stand up and say your 6 times table. Remember I need to hear you!

Then I would like you to make a times table game. Think about a game that you like playing and then change it to include your times tables. It could be a times table Snap game. It could be a game similar to Connect 4, where you can only put a counter in if you answer a times table question correctly.

Are you up for the challenge? I know you may need more than one day to design and make your game, so I am setting this challenge for Monday and Tuesday.


This afternoon, I would like you to draw a picture of yourself. I am looking forward to seeing you!


Friday 26th June

Happy Friday!


Please practise your times tables.times tables games

Please do the maths challenges on bbc daily lessons website.maths challenges


Today you will be writing a short biography on your chosen sportsperson. I have included an example of one I have written using my research notes. Biography example

You could include these features:

  • open with a rhetorical question as you have done before
  • a short introduction to your sportsperson
  • family life – include when and where they were born
  • sporting success – main points/key events, any influences
  • personality or interesting fact
  • photo

Try your best with the information you found out, yesterday.