KS2 Virtual Reality Experience – Tuesday 10th December (parental permission required to participate)

We have booked for a company called PrimeVR to come and deliver a virtual reality experience day at our school on Tuesday 10th December in all of our KS2 classes.  We are currently learning about the Romans and the Vikings and it would be great to be able to ‘virtually’ transport our pupils to those times.

We think this is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils and will help to bring their learning to life. We would like to ask parents for a voluntary contribution of £4.00 to help fund this amazing experience.

Please note: it is recommended that children with epilepsy or children who are prone to seizures consult with their doctor before using a VR headset. If your son/daughter has epilepsy or is prone to seizures, please inform the school reception as it is possible to access the same programs in a 2D version.

Please complete and return the letter we will send home by Monday 9th December at the very latest please.  Children will only be allowed to participate if we have received parental consent.  Thank you.

Prime VR letter