Heads up for next Thursday’s Science lesson.

LO: To Investigate the effects of friction on different surfaces.

Following on from our jelly investigation last week, we are planning to conduct a whole class investigation using Microsoft Teams.

This will allow us to introduce the investigation and carry it out as a class.  If you can’t join us for the meeting, then there is an investigation below that the children can complete if you have the time and resources.

There will a PP to follow like normal (see class page) but if you child does attend the live then they can hear Mr Boffey go through it and develop it further for them.

Lesson Presentation Faster and Slower Mr Boffey

If you wish to conduct a further investigation at home after the Team meeting then you will need:

  • A book, tray, placemat or similar (to use as a ramp)
  • A snack bar or similar e.g a penguin bar
  • Aluminium foil
  • Bubble wrap
  • Any other material which you can wrap around the snack bar etc.

Instructions for at home investigation.

  • Place the snack bar on the flat ramp and slowly raise the ramp at one end to observe when it begins to slide. How high did it go? Perhaps you could get someone at home to measure the height of the ramp?
  • Wrap the snack bar in a different material and repeat step 1 and observe/discuss any variation.
  • Repeat step with other materials and observe. Finally, you can unwrap your snack and discover how must friction the chocolate creates

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to conduct the investigation as what we do in the lesson is fine.  Below is a link where you can watch and discuss a similar investigation with your child.

Pause clip halfway and discuss with children what they think will happen.  Watch to the end and discuss their predictions.

If you wish, you can record your results on the sheet below.

Results table for Science


Attempting Live Lessons- set up needed though!

Dear Parents of Room 2,

So myself and Mrs Hilditch think we have finally got our heads around the technology to offer the chance for the children at home to attend a ‘live lesson’. That means, if your computer has a webcam and a microphone the children at home can login and can join the children in school for an actual lesson being taught by either myself or Mrs Hilditch. This will also allow the children the opportunity to see their friends if they haven’t seen them in a while.

We are starting off small next week so it might only be for 20/30 minutes one day or one lesson on another but hopefully we will be able to increase this to more. Fingers crossed it will work!

Here is what we were thinking for next week.

  • Tuesday 19th January @ 14:00    Mrs Hilditch will be reading a chapter or two of our class book called Stitch Head by Guy Bass. It will last about 20/30 minutes.
  • Wednesday 20th January @ 9:10 Mrs Davies will be doing the introduction to the Maths lesson. It will last about 20/30 minutes.
  • Thursday 21st January @ 13:45 Mr Boffey (he is a teacher helping out Mrs Davies during Lockdown) will be leading another Science investigation into friction. This session will allow the children at home to see a whole class investigation being done in school along with the results. The children can watch the investigation and consider that their Science lesson done for the week or they can carry out a similar investigation at home when they have logged out of the meeting. It will last 20/30 minutes.

In order for the children to attend these lives sessions. You will need to have a few things set up first.

  • The children will need to have their school email account set up ready to go. Mrs Andrews has created a video in order to help you. It should be at the top of ‘News and Updates’ page on the school website. Please have a look.
  • The children will need to know their email address and password. This should be on the inside of their reading record book. The address is something like this 17Surname.A@pontesbury.shropshire.sch.uk followed by their password. If you are unsure what these are, then please email us or Mrs Andrews for them. If your child has already logged onto Google Classroom it the same information you needed for that.
  • You will need to download Microsoft Teams. If you aren’t aware of Microsoft Teams it is like Zoom. That means the children can see the teacher, the classroom and each other. The children should also be able to access Microsoft Teams through their emails. If the children click on the 9 dots at the top of their email account, Microsoft Teams should be an option there.
  • When myself or Mrs Hilditch set up a meeting a link for the meeting will go to the children’s email account. They can click on the link in the email and accept. They would then need to open up Teams and access the calendar tab at the side. Hopefully, the meeting will be in the calendar. The children need to click on the meeting to join.
  • If you have chance could you show the children how to mute/unmute their microphones so we are not all talking at the same time!

I hope this helps, but I thought I would send it over the weekend to allow you enough time to set it up.

Hopefully, we will see the children there!


Mrs Davies and Mrs Hilditch.

Closure of the school kitchen

Regretfully it is not currently viable to keep the school kitchen open . So from Monday 18 January 2021 all children attending school will need to bring a packed lunch from home.

Children currently in receipt of benefits-related free school meals will be catered for until such time as vouchers can be issued. They have been contacted separately.

If anyone feels they may now be entitled to claim free school meals please apply online at shropshire.gov.uk

We do look forward to resuming full service in due course. In fact I think it is fair to say we all long for normality to return.

Thank you for your understanding.

Room 8

Dear Room 8

As Mrs Smout does not work on Fridays, I would be grateful if any home learning queries or questions could be directed to me using the email below.


Mrs Smout will set work as usual on Thursday but please do not email her on Friday.

Many thanks

Mr Langford