Things to ask me 31.03.23

In literacy, you have been working really hard on your independent writing. 

  • What animal(s) did you write about? 
  • Can you remember any facts about them? 

In maths, we have been counting up to 20 and back down again.  

  • Can you start at the number 3 and count up to 15? 
  • Can you start at the number 7 and count up to 20? 
  • Can you start at 20 and count down to 9? 
  • Can you start at 18 and count down to 11? 

Can you tell your grown up what you did in Forest School? (went on an egg hunt) 

What was in the classroom when you got back? 

We went down to the church for an Easter Experience.  

  • Who did we learn about? 
  • What were given to eat? 

In PE with Mrs Davies, we continued with our multi-skills work. 

  • Which parts of the body did you balance your bean bag on? 
  • What did we do for 1st gear? 2nd gear? 3rd gear? 4th gear? 

As of the first week back after the holidays, ‘Things to ask me’ will only be posted on the Weduc/Reach more parents app.

Have a lovely break

Things to ask me 24.03.23

Things to ask me 

  • We have become authors this week! Can you remember what an author does? 
  • What books have we been writing? (Dear Zoo) 
  • What animals did you choose for your book? 
  • We brought home some animals that we had made in Forest School this week. Can you tell me what you made them out of? (clay) 
  • What did you have to do to the clay (squidge, roll, pinch) 
  • In maths we have been using the scales, what do we use them for? 
  • Can you remember what the scales do when both sides weigh the same? (they balance) 
  • What is a habitat? (where an animal lives) 
  • What does nocturnal mean? (animals that are awake at night) 
  • Can you name any nocturnal animals? (bat, badger, fox) 
  • What does diurnal mean? (animals that are awake in the day) 
  • Can you name any diurnal animals? (birds, sheep, dogs etc.) 
  • In PE with Mrs Davies, what did we use to move to? (instruments- drum, tambourine, wooden block, chime bar) 
  • We played the Bean Game. Can you show your grown up : 
  • Jumping bean? 
  • Broad bean? 
  • Jelly bean? 

A reminder that we use PE kit on Wednesday and Friday. Please can kits come in on Monday and we will send them home on Friday. Thanks!

Weduc app will be updated in the Easter holidays to be called ‘Reach More Parents’

New Reach More Parents App is coming!

Weduc has redesigned the App for Reach More Parents with major enhancements to the layout, accessibility, and general ease of use.

What do I need to do as a parent? If your phone has automatic updates turned on, there is nothing you need to do, as the app will update automatically on 03/04/2023. If you do not have automatic updates turned on, you will need to re-download the app from the App Store if you have an iPhone or the Google Play Store if you have an Android.

Can I still access the same features? Yes. The features you already use such as Newsfeed, Absence Reporting and Messaging are still accessible.

What’s new? You can find a PDF document attached which will give you a detailed breakdown of everything that has changed in the app.


Things to ask me 17.03.23

Things to ask me 

  • This week we have learnt about nocturnal and diurnal animals. Can I remember when nocturnal animals sleep? 
  • Can I name any nocturnal animals? (badgers, foxes, owls, bats, hedgehogs) 
  • Can I remember what we made for the birds in forest school? (bird feeders) 
  • What were some of the items that we used? (tubes, peanut butter, seeds, string) 
  • We have been reading ‘Oi Frog!’ this week – what is special about what all the animals sit on? (they all rhyme!) 
  • Can I remember any of the things that rhyme in the story? 
  • In maths this week we have been taking away. Can I use any items around the house (Lego, beads, pieces of pasta etc.) to work out these number sentences? 

3- 2 = 5 – 3 = 6 – 2 = 8 – 4 = 7 – 5 =  

  • In PE with Mr Rogers we have been doing gymnastics. What were the names of the shapes we made with our bodies? (pencil, tuck, star) 
  • Can you remember any of the animals we moved around like? 
  • What are some of the ways we can look after our world? 

Things to ask me 10.03.23

  • Can you tell your grown up what happened in the story ‘Owl Babies’?
  • What were the names of the owl babies? (Sarah, Percy, Bill)
  • We looked at different animals and their babies. Can you remember what the name is for a baby– sheep, chicken, cow, pig, goat?
  • How many ways can you make the number 5?
  • Can you use your fingers or things around your house (teddies, food items, beads) to complete these sums?
    • 4 + 2 =
    • 5 + 3 =
    • 2 + 1 =
    • 6 + 3 =
    • 4 + 3 =
  • We had a fantastic, albeit cold, trip to Hoo Zoo. What animals did you see?
  • What was your favourite animal?
  • Can you remember what animal was brought to us for us to stroke? (a snake)
  • What did you see on our journey to/from the zoo?

Have a lovely day at home and enjoy the snow. Remember to wrap up warm and keep yourselves safe. If you are looking for a little snow activity inspiration, I’ve attached a few photos of things you could try.

Looking forward to seeing you again next week! Have a lovely weekend.


Hoo Zoo FAQs


I’ve had a few queries from parents today about what to wear on Wednesday for our trip… Please send children to school in their own/Forest School clothes. It looks like it’s going to be a chilly (but sunny) day, so please make sure you wrap up warm. Children will need to wear wellies, however they can put their Forest School ones on once they are in school if they need to. If you need children to use their PE bag to carry their things, then we can sort this out in the morning too. Don’t forget water bottles either!

If there are any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We’re very excited about our visit!

Miss Roberts

Things to ask me 03.03.2023

Things to ask me 

  • We have been learning all about a famous explorer this week, can you tell me his name? (Ernest Shackleton) 
  • Where did he travel to in Antarctica? (the South Pole) 
  • In Forest School, we made dens and pretended that they were a base camp for Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica. What materials did you use? 
  • We started learning about our new topic of animals this week. We sorted them out into animals that fly, walk and swim. Can you remember any of the animals that you sorted? 
  • What did all the animals that can fly have in common? (wings) 
  • And what did all the animals that can swim have in common? (flippers or fins) 
  • In PE with Mrs Davies, we have been working on moving in different ways, making sure we’re looking where we’re going. Can you do ‘sports position?’ (Feet wide, bent knees, hands up) 
  • Why is having wide feet better than keeping them together? (You don’t wobble as much) 
  • In art, we did collaging. What is collaging? (layering paper to get a new effect) 
  • We have been looking at 3D shapes in maths. Which shapes can you remember? 
  • Can you find any 3D shapes around your house or when you’re out and about? 
  • Can you remember any of the fancy words we use to describe the shapes? (Edges, faces, vertices)