Monday’s bits and bobs!!!!

The children in school have access to the chromebooks on a Monday and I want them to be able to use them as much as possible. When you look at the Remote learning timetable you will see for this afternoon I would like you to try some French using duo lingo or to try drawing some animals using the following site –

When we return to school we will use these drawings to make clay models.

It is also important that you practise your spellings too. These are words you are expected to know by the end of the year.

Remember teams go live at 8:30am if you want to see introductions or some of your friends. All you need to do is go to your emails (Mrs Andrew has a great post on the main school news how to get to your emails) and follow the links. Alternatively you can click on Microsoft Teams then sign in, go to calendar then go to join.

It is lovely seeing lots of you. Remember that the class novel will be read at 12:00

Here is to a great week


English for Monday

Our English unit is a journalistic one. The first week we looked at newspapers. Last week we looked at diaries. (If you haven’t finished yours then please do so.)

This week I want you to try and record your diary in some way. You can listen to some children who have made radio broadcasts by clicking this link. On the third one you will hear that two people are involved – if you want to try to work with someone on teams you may do so.

You might decide to try to make a video presentation. If you look at newsround you might get some ideas.

I am not sure how this will go – you might need to get in touch with me and the other children during the teams meeting (11:00 – 12:00) for some ideas. I would just like you to have a go and see how you get on. The children in school have the chromebooks on Monday so it works well for them.

If you are at a complete loss and are really struggling then I would like you spending this time finishing your diary and then practise your spellings and reading your book.

Even if you don’t finish your work today let me know how you are getting on so I can plan accordingly for the next few days.

I look forward to seeing how you get on.

Maths for Monday

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. The planning for the week is on earlier posts and in classroom. Our topic for the week is volume and capacity. Some of the planning will be adapted as you might not have multi link at home.

Start by trying Monday Morning Maths

Remember I will introduce this lesson after the morning maths (about 9:10 am) on teams for those that want to watch.

Start off by looking at the Lesson 1 PowerPoint. This shows you some connections between units when you convert (we have done some of this before).

Use the decision tree to put things in the right order. You can write electronically on the sheet, print it out or just tell me which letter goes in which box.

Try the homework sheet. To complete this they give you a unit such as 300ml and you have to write it as ml and l. So this would be 300ml or 0.3l.

To practise further try the Converting-Between-Litres-and-Millilitres-Activity-Sheet. It does come with answers.

Remember – join teams at any time between 9:00 – 10:00 if you need any help.

Planning for next week

Remote learning timetable 

This shows you the live times for next week and when we will be covering each lesson.

So that you can have an overview for the maths this week please look at Overall files, slides and worksheet ideas for the whole week. This is a word document but it has allowed me to add a lot more links than I could in any other way.

Day by day I will break this down as I normally do but I know some of you would like to see what is happening for the week.

I have done the same for science:

Here are all of the science links. This is not the unit in the overall planning as that was bulbs and electricity and I can not expect everyone to have those materials at home.

I have done the same for history:

Here are all of the history links

For English we will finish off our diaries then listen to some radio broadcasts, watch tv broadcasts followed by practising interviewing people. When you are ready I will want you to try and put together a broadcast of your diary with some links and interviews. I am not sure EXACTLY how you will do this but we will work together to try to find a way.

Any subject that I have not explained the week ahead I will post on the day.

I hope this help (a bit) and you all have a brilliant weekend.

Mr Morris


Friday 15th January

The first full week has gone quickly in school – I hope it has for those of you at home. It has been great seeing lots of you on teams. Remember that you can join me through teams at any time to see class mates, watch me teach or ask for any help.

As it is a Friday we have an arithmetic test  to try. The answers are at the end. Alternatively you can try the reasoning paper 3 from 2018. Paper 3 is the harder one. The answers for this is on classroom.

For English I would like you to try a reading comprehension about a diary. There are three different levels to try – you choose which one to go for.

Easier comprehension

Easier comprehension answers

Middle comprehension

Middle comprehension answers

Harder comprehension

Harder comprehension answers

In the afternoon we will be completing an RE session.

To start with watch

You will also need to look at this PowerPoint

Try to complete the worksheet for RE.

If you want to listen to the class book I will be reading it at 12:00. I would also suggest you get your parents to test you on some of the end of year spellings. At some stage over the weekend I will put some of the planning ideas up either on here or on classroom.

If you have any extra time you could be having fun!!!!!!!!

Have a super weekend Year 6’s.

Thursday 14th

Good evening / morning Room 7

This week seems to be going really quickly. I would just like to say how impressed I am with how well you are all working. It is fantastic seeing lots of you on teams or on classroom working well together.

Our English and maths for today are continuation of the work from the rest of the week.

For maths we have been looking at division. You can choose from any of the activities on classroom but I think it would be good for you to look at SATs questions using multiplication and division. This way you can see what sort of questions you need to be able to answer. To check your work look at the answer page.

If you have already completed this try the reasoning paper or the harder word problems.

For English we continue with our journalistic unit. On Wednesday I asked you to make notes about the last ten months. Today I want you to try and write this up into paragraphs. You will then be able to use this next week when you try to make a video broadcast. Try to include good things, bad things and your feelings.

For all of the work tomorrow you can join me at anytime by going on teams. This might be to ask me a question, see my introductions, listen to the class story or to see your friends.



The history unit we are covering is Civil rights. To help with this there is a knowledge organiser.  It will be useful for this to be downloaded and saved so the children can refer to it during the next few weeks. This gives key information and gives good definitions. If children can try to remember some of this it will aid them.

We will work through a Booklet. This DOES NOT need to be printed out (it is 36 pages long) as the children can write any answers to questions into a word document.

Each week there will be a Power Point. This links to the work in the booklet and gives a little bit of extra information.

Finally there is a Lesson plan. This may look slightly confusing to the children as it is the planning for me. It says step by step what needs to be done.

Simply put the children use the booklet, read the information, look at the Power Point too then answer the questions in the booklet. Large chunks of the booklet/lesson plan says about discussion. This will be more difficult for the children at home HOWEVER they could join the discussion when the Teams meeting is on.

As stated before – the booklet does not need to be printed out (please don’t), the children just need to answer the questions on a word document or on paper.

They only complete lesson one this week.

English 13th January

We are going to continue our work on diary writing. This is part of our overall unit on journalistic writing. Remember that our overall aim is to produce a radio broadcast or a video.

On Monday we looked at the features of a diary. On Tuesday we wrote part of a diary after watching a video.

Today we are going to start writing our own diary entries. To help with this there is a Diary Writing Powerpoint.

I want the children to start writing entries based on the last 10 months. This will be saying how their day to day lives have changed due to Covid. They need to include how they feel. They can make it very personal by focussing on certain aspects such as: how school is different, not seeing friends, how Christmas was different, not being able to play sports, not performing in front of others musically, not seeing all of their relations etc.

I expect this to take the rest of the week. Today they can be doing the planning. Thinks about what they are going to write. On Thursday they can write it up and then on Friday they can edit it. To help with this they will need to look at the diary writing checklist.

Depending on how the children get on some of these timings may change.


Maths 13th January

We are continuing with our work on division. The links that you need are on the classroom page as they were yesterday.

I have been made aware though that not all can access classroom so there are a couple of links here.



Tuesday harder


Wednesday harder

Wednesday morning maths

For everyone else more things are on classroom. Remember I will go over how to do the work (for those that need it) at 9:10am with teams.

Science for Wednesday

Good morning. I am posting this early as you might not be able to do the whole lesson as you will need a thermometer and a range of materials. This way you might have a bit more time to get some of the materials.

There is a lesson plan.

First look at the PowerPoint then complete the quiz on the PowerPoint.

Use the planning sheet to try to carry out the investigation


Lesson Plan

Differentiated Lunch Box Report Activity Sheet

Differentiated Investigating Materials Activity Sheet

Do NOT worry if you can not carry out all of this lesson. You might not have different materials or you might not have a thermometer. Just do as much as you can.