Tuesday 7th July – English and Maths


Today’s focus is calculating missing angles. This is revision of work we have completed earlier in the year, but it is really helpful so well worth going over:

White Rose Home Learning – Lesson 2
Task: Lesson-2-Angles-in-a-triangle-missing-angles

For additional input, please work through the BBC Daily lesson.
Extra task: missing angles


Today we are continuing our work thinking about friendship. I would like you to write a non-fiction report on friendship. Here are some headings you could use:

What makes a good friend?
Famous friendships
How to make new friends
Challenges friends face

You can use bullet points for some of these sections and feel free to set out your work however you wish. You might decide to present this report as a poster or a powerpoint.

Monday 6th July: Maths and English Tasks

Maths: Understanding Angles

Your main maths this week is related to angles. Please use the link here to find each day’s task; you will also find the answers here so you can check your own work.
Link to daily maths tasks.


This week we are going to be preparing writing on the subject of Friendship to enter (if you wish) into the Pontesbury Library writing competition.

To get your brains ticking over, today I would like you to watch the video from the link below. This is ten minute film called Home Sweet Home and it explores the theme of friendship in a very unusual way.

Home Sweet Home
Today I would like you to complete the tasks on the sheet below:
Task: Home Sweet Home

This afternoon I would like you to try the art challenge for the day.

Thank you for a fantastic, fun week!

Hi Room 6,

I wanted to send you a great bit THANK YOU for your hard work this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better and can’t wait to be your teacher in September.

I hope you all have a lovely end of term, whether you are working hard at home or coming to school some of the time. Even more importantly than that, have a wonderful summer holiday; read lots of great books (and remember them so you can tell me all about them) and fill your days doing things that make you happy.

Mrs Rowe x


Story Taster Roundup!

Well, we have had a taster of five fantastic stories this week – I wonder what you can remember about them?

Book 1: Fire Boy by JM Joseph
Book 2: Seven Ghosts by Chris Priestley
Book 3: Troofriend by Kirsty Applebaum
Book 4: The Highland Falcon Thief by MG Leonard and Sam Sedgman
Book 5: Evernight by Ross Mackenzie


Have you heard a story you would love to finish? Please email me and let me know about your favourite from the selection here.

Friday 3rd July – Hello, Goodbye!

Today we are going to be thinking about saying goodbye to your time in Room 6 and saying hello to your time in Room 8 (I know most of you had a year in Room 8 when you were year 3s but it will be different being a Year 5!).

I have chosen a Beatles song for today – it is a classic!

Today I would like you to have a go at an arithmetic test – you can ask for help and discuss the questions with grown ups at home. This is a good chance to get your brain ticking over with lots of different types of maths questions. The first test is a year 4 test – if you feel quite confident about your maths, have a go at this one:
Arithmetic Test Y4
Here are the answers to help you check your work: Test Answers

Here is another arithmetic test that is not quite so challenging – choose the test that you feel will suit you best.
Arithmetic test (less confident)

If you love to challenge yourself in your maths work, have a go at this trickier arithmetic test:
Trickier Arithmetic Test

For another mathematical challenge, you might like to work through the challenge in this video.


Write two short pieces of writing (they really don’t have to be enormous – one good paragraph in each letter is enough).
Task 1 – Write a letter to Mrs Gwyther.  Tell Mrs Gwyther one of your favourite memories from being in Year 4.
Task 2: ‘I wish my teacher knew…’ for this task I would like you to make sure I know anything that it is important for me to know. This might be a worry you have, information about something you love or something you find tricky. Just have a good think and let me know.
I Wish…

Friday 3rd July – Art Afternoon

This afternoon I would like you to create a piece of art based on three words. Your first job is to choose three words that you associate with lockdown. You might like to choose three words from the word cloud below or you might be able to think of three of your own:

Then I would like you to turn this into a piece of art work. You can use bubble writing to create lettering and decorate your words to try and get across something about how you feel. Here is an example by @allthroughart that might inspire you:

Stilt Town – 100 Word Story Challenge

I have received some fantastic 100 word stories from you and have picked a couple to share with you. Well done to everybody who had a go at this challenge – 100 words can feel like a lot of writing!

Freya’s 100 Word Story:
Have you ever heard of Stilt Town? It is a place where houses are on stilts. It’s very dangerous because anything or anyone could suddenly collapse off the side and be swept away by the ocean, never seen again. In Stilt Town, there lived a girl called Pinecone. She hated Stilt Town. All she wanted was to go and explore away from Stilt Town. But, she couldn’t do it, because the waves were very angry and dangerous. One night, Pinecone got up and started to build a contraption she could use to travel the world. She knew it would work.

By Freya Kellet

George’s 100 Word Story:
An old little town all on stilts sat in the sea water with lots of fishes swimming around the tall stilt legs in the cold calm water. Buildings standing tall, all lit up with bright candles, flames are burning bright orange lighting up the sky, somewhere there is a full moon reflecting on the sea with shooting stars quickly flying through the gloomy and cloudy sky. All quiet and peaceful with cog wheels creakily moving in the wind, some buildings higher than others and some looking like ships on stilts. The buildings quiet with no one in sight.

By George Hill


Thursday 2nd June – Digging Deeper!

You have been doing a fantastic job with your learning this week. I get really excited when I check my emails and get to see what you have been up to at home and in school. Thank you!
To get us in the mood for today – here is a song about digging deep and trying your best.

Maths – Digging Deeper with Line Graphs!

Today the focus is on line graphs – going a little further and digging a little deeper! I got over excited yesterday and posted Thursday’s work a day early so today we will look at lesson3…sorry!
First of all watch the White Rose video (lesson 3, wc 29th July).
Now complete the main task: Lesson-3-Introducing-line-graphs
Here are the answers, so you can check you work:Lesson-3-Answers-Introducing-line-graphs-1

If you would like to go further with your learning, then work through the BBC Daily Lesson
Then, complete this extension task: Line Graph extension work

English – Digging Deeper into Reading!

Most of you know that I am very keen on reading. Today, I would like you to complete a book review for me to see. I feel that you can get to know lots about someone by finding out about one of their favourite books! Some of these reviews will go up in our classroom to help other people choose a good book to read. The template I have chosen has lots of elements to complete (but none of them should take too long) and I am especially keen to see your book cover designs!
Book Review Template

PE – Digging Deeper and Persevering!

So many of you have told me how amazingly sporty and fit you are, so I thought I would set you some physical challenges this afternoon.

Warm Up:And:

For your main PE this afternoon you can get active in any of the ways that you most enjoy!
Here are some suggestions:
– practice your football skills (how many keepy-uppies can you do?)
– create a gymnastic or dance routine (if someone at home is happy to take a video or a photograph – I would love to see it)
– go for a walk or a run