25.6.20 PE activities KS2

Hi, everyone. How are you getting on with being fit and healthy this week? Remember to keep safe in the sun and stay hydrated. Every day seems to be hotter than the last!

Today, we are thinking about how we show we are part of a team. Do you belong to any teams and, if so, what are they? How do people show that they belong to a sports team?

Think about your favourite sport or team. What do they wear when they are playing their sport? Yesterday, we were talking about the Olympics that will be held in Japan next year. What kit do you think the team from Great Britain will wear?

Here are some pictures of different British athletes wearing the kit they wore in the 2016 Olympics:

You may notice that red, white and blue have been used in these kits which were created by fashion designer, Stella McCartney. Can you think why these colours were chosen? Can you spot any familiar pictures on the kits? What about any writing on them?

Have fun designing a new kit for a team of your choice. This could be for the next Olympics team or your favourite football team, or it could be for a team who are going to play a brand new sport! You could even design a new PE kit for Pontesbury Primary School!

Here are some templates to help you. You will only need to chose one!

Design an Olympic kit: T-HE-368-Design-an-Olympic-Kit-Activity-Sheet

New PE kit design: sports kit design

New football kit design: Design-a-football-strip

Yesterday, we were thinking about the Olympics and how the next Olympics will be held in Japan next year. Over the years there have been some brilliant mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Here is some information about the mascots for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games held in Rio, Brazil: Meet-the-Mascots-of-Rio-2016-PDF

Here are some details about the Olympic mascot from the 2012 games held in London: The-Olympics-Wenlock-the-London-2012-Mascot-Information-Sheet

And here is a rather cool video introducing the mascots for the Olympics and Paralympic Games in Japan next year: Japan 2020 mascots

There is also this video which features all of the mascots for the Olympic Games since 1968 which is when the idea of having a mascot began. It is 10 minutes long, but packed full of information about different mascots and reasons for their design: Olympic mascots video

How do each of these mascots represent the country that is hosting the Olympics? How have colours been chosen? How have the designers used what they know about the country to influence the appearance of the mascots or their personalities?

Now imagine that you have the job of designing a mascot for a future Olympics. You can choose the city or country that is hosting. How would your mascot represent this city or country? What colours would you choose? What appearance and personality would your mascot have? Also, think carefully about what the name of your mascot would be and why. The Olympic mascots have their own ‘back story’ or biography. What would the biography for your mascot be?

You may want to watch this short animation charting the beginnings of Wenlock and Mandeville, the 2012 mascots: 2012 mascots

Use these sheets to design a mascot for a city of your choice. Don’t forget that your first job is to research facts about your chosen city: The-Olympics—Create-a-New-Mascot-Activity-Sheet

If you would like to know more about the Olympic Games and how it all started, this short video is fun to watch: The origins of the Olympics