Pick & Mix: Afternoon suggestions!

For your final week of Primary School, I have tried to come up with some useful, creative and entertaining challenges for you to choose from. You do not have to do everything. Choose those things that you will enjoy doing and that will help you have a lovely week:

Don’t forget our picnic is on Thursday afternoon! I really hope you can all come (but I do understand not everyone will be able to make it).

Challenge 1: Learn to tie a tie! This is Mrs Rowe’s preferred method!There is a slightly easier version (and the next video has helped several Rowe boys learn how to tie their tie!):

Challenge 2: Chocolate Bar Design (this challenge might take several days)

Design a new chocolate bar. Write a recipe which details all the ingredients.
Design the packaging for your chocolate bar.
Record a jingle to advertise your chocolate bar. Why not use Chrome Music Lab to help with this?
Create a video advert for your chocolate bar!

Challenge 3: Cookery Challenge

Learn how to cook a meal for your family. You will need to ask before you do this and will probably need an adult to supervise/help if you are cooking using the hob or the oven.
Share a picture of your meal.
I like to use BBC Good Food for recipe ideas.

Challenge 4: Learn how to make a friendship bracelet.

Challenge 5: Family Fun!
– go for a walk
– create a den in the garden and invite members of your family to join you for a natter
– play a boardgame together
– watch a film together
– take your family by surprising by tidying your own bedroom and a room that everyone uses (bathroom, living room, kitchen)

FINAL WEEK! Pick n’ Mix: Maths and English Suggestions

Well, it is your final week as Pontesbury Primary School pupils! What a strange year it has turned out to be. Whether you are working at home or in school, I want you to enjoy your last week as Year 6 pupils and to make the most of the time in a fun and creative way. As you know, we do not usually follow the ‘normal’ curriculum timetable during the last week of term. With this in mind, I am going to suggest a range of activities that you can do – it will be up to you and create a ‘pick n’ mix’ timetable from the suggestions below. As always, I would love to hear from you (email me) about what you are doing at home!

Suggestion 1: Mrs Garcia will be posting links to the White Rose Maths activities and answers for this week. You can do each daily lesson and the complete the task.
White Rose Maths

Suggestion 2: complete your Mary Webb maths transition booklet (or continue with it). Half an hour per day would be great!

Suggestion 3: complete some of the puzzles on the Nrich website. There are lots of brain teasers here for those of you who enjoy a challenge!

Suggestion 1: continue to use the Cressida Cowell Summer Camp videos for inspiration. There is such a wealth of wonderfully inspiring videos to choose from…I wonder which you will choose?

Suggestion 2: take on one of my daily writing challenges. I try and write something every day: it might be a diary entry, something for work (a website post, a letter) or just a short paragraph from my ‘things to write about’ book. I think that if you want to improve your writing, you have to do lots of writing!
Mon – pick a small object to be given one day to your great-grandchild. Write a letter to that child explaining why you have chosen this object.
Tues – tell a complete stranger about a beloved family tradition.
Wed – you are an astronaut. Describe your perfect day.
Thurs – write a poem about a tomato.
Fri – sitting in a single location for 20 minutes, take notes focusing exclusively on the sounds you can hear.

Suggestion 3: follow the BBC Daily Lesson ideas.
Mon – Analysing Texts
Tues – Analysing Myths
Wed – Exploring Legends
Thurs – Writing a Legend
Fri – Review and improve your legend.

Reading Books

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and are looking forward to the summer holidays.

Please can we request that everyone has a good search at home to find any school reading books that may be lurking around?  Please bring them into school when you attend your class picnic where a large labelled box will be placed to collect the books for your class.

It would be really helpful to have the books back next week so that we can ensure they are returned to the correct classroom, ready for next year.

I will also place boxes by the office if you are not attending the picnic so that you can drop them off at any point over next week.

We hope you have enjoyed reading them and we look forward to seeing you at the picnics next week!

Mrs Hilditch x

Friday 10th July – English and Maths


It is the Friday challenge day! Click on the task below and see how many challenges you complete!
You could also spend half an hour working on your Mary Webb transition maths booklet.

It is Free Write Friday and to help inspire you, why not look at the Cressida Cowell Summer Camp videos for today. Friday’s theme is ‘Writing Masterclass’ but feel free to look back over the week’s videos for inspiration.

I have picked a couple of brilliant videos for you to look at here.

You know how much I love poetry and I particularly enjoyed the poetry day.This next video is Jason Reynolds reading the opening of one of his books – Ghost. This book is in our library just waiting for people to read it!

Finally, I have chosen a video about creating a sketch book and using it to turn doodles and rough sketches to more refined drawings:

Thursday 9th July – English and Maths

Your first task is to watch the White Rose video (lesson 4, wc 6th July) and complete the worksheet.

For more input on this lesson, work through the BBC Daily Lesson videos and quizzes.
Now, complete this task: Thurs Maths Ext

Today you have a very important task to do for English. I would like you to think back over your time at Pontesbury Primary school and complete the sentences on the sheet below. Please email me your responses!

Pontesbury Primary School Memories
An editable version of this document is on Google Classroom.

Art Week Day 4

The artist for today is Henri Matisse.

Henri Matisse was a French artist known for his use of colour and his original ideas. Matisse started to create large scale paper collages. He called the technique ‘painting with scissors’.

Have a go at creating your own cut out collages. Use simple shapes and bright colours. Cut and arrange your pieces before you start sticking!


Wednesday 8th July – English and Maths

Today’s maths focus is angles in various quadrilaterals.
Begin with the White Rose Lesson 3 revision and then complete the task.
White Rose Video Link
Task: Lesson-3-Angles-in-special-quadrilaterals

For more input and extension work on this area of maths, please watch the BBC Daily Lesson and then complete this task: Angles in shapes extension

For today’s work, we are going to dip into Cressida Cowell’s creativity summer camp. Today’s focus is on poetry. Click on the link below and pick two videos to watch that appeal to you.
Cressida Cowell’s Summer Camp

Your challenge is now to write a poem on the theme of friendship. You could write a haiku, a kenning, an acrostic or your own free verse style of poem.



Kennings are like riddles and are a type of poem. Kennings are commonly used in poetry for effect. They describe something without saying what it is. Each line in a kenning poem has only two words. These words are joined using a hyphen. The two words are usually a noun and a verb or a noun and a noun. This two-word phrase is used instead of a one-word noun.

Kennings were originally used in Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon poems. We use kennings in our everyday language, such as ‘sky-scraper’ for a very tall building. Kennings describe what a person, idea or object is or does.

Kenning Poem examples:

Winter kenning:

United Arab Emirates kenning:

If you are creating a noun + a noun phrase, try adding -er to the second noun, e.g. cheese-eater.
If you are creating a noun + a verb phrase, your verb may end in -ing, e.g. milkshake-drinking.

Year 6 Leavers Celebration

We would like to invite all our Year 6s to share in an event to mark the end of this year. We know that many of their key milestones have been missed due to Coronavirus, but we would like to make sure they have a chance to carry out some of the traditions!

Date: Thurs 16th July, 1 – 2pm
Venue: the ball playground (and the field)!

We would like all the children to bring their packed lunch and a picnic blanket to sit on. We will make space for everyone to sit with suitable space in between them. If parents would like to join us (a maximum of two adults per family) you are very welcome, but we ask you to maintain social distancing between yourselves and other families.

1. Picnic and chat!
2. Book and shirt signing – obviously we can’t organise this in the normal way, so we will provide a table per child for them to put out a shirt for signing (pale colours are best) and we will put out their autograph book. Children will need to bring their own pen for signing and we will provide hand sanitiser for people to clean their hands before and after signing everything.
3. A farewell talk.
4. Ice-creams!