Thank you!

Good morning everyone,

Thank you all so much for making our Room 5 picnic such a lovely event yesterday afternoon. It was great to see so many of you.

Thank you too for all of the generous gifts and cards, and for all of your kind words. Thank you to those who were unable to attend the picnic but contributed to the beautiful roses (which I am going to plant this morning!).

You have all been truly magnificent during lockdown. This has been a very different year but also a memberable one. And if I am the ‘best quarant-teacher’ (as my card reads), then you lot are the ‘best quarantine class’!

Wishing you all a very well-deserved break over summer. It is likely to be an extension of the last four months for some – including me! – but hopefully you can get out and about as much as possible and enjoy lots of quality family time.

Thank you all once again and big hugs to you all,

Mrs Garcia xx


Activity suggestions for wb 13.7.20

Hi, everyone. We’ve arrived at the last week of term after a very strange school year. I would like to thank you all for being so supportive and doing such an excellent job with home schooling. Even though I would much rather have taught you all in the classroom so I could see you every day, it has been lovely being able to see the work you have been doing at home and hearing from so many children and parents. You have all been amazing.

Here are some suggestions for activities for this last week. You may also want to access some of these during the school holidays. Please remember to also visit the Room 5 class page for further links to activities and interactives for different subject areas.


If you look on the ‘school news’ page, you will see a White Rose lesson for every day of this week apart from Friday. Start with clicking on the ‘videos’ link and watch the video for the required day. Then click on the day’s activity that you want.

Here are some revision mats to have a go at. Each one is differentiated so only print off the one you require. I would suggest that most children have a go at the page 5 one (page 6 is answers). If you reach an activity that you find tricky, have a go at practising this some more if you can.

Maths Mat 1 Maths Mat 2 Maths Mat 3 Maths Mat 4 Maths Mat 5 Maths Mat 6


This is a rather lovely booklet, courtesy of Twinkl, where you can practise writing, reading and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills: Year 1 Summer English Activity Booklet

I know lots of you enjoyed the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ work that we did using the BBC site. Here is the link if you want to watch the rest of the episodes: Jack and the Beanstalk episodes. This resource pack has activities and worksheets. Have a look through it first and only print the pages you want!

There is also a resource pack for the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ episodes on this website: LRRH resource pack 

Little Red Riding Hood episodes


You also may have enjoyed the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ music sessions that we did a few weeks back. We never got to the end of this! Here is the link to continue with the sessions. Work through the activities on each page after watching the song video: Little Red Riding Hood music sessions

There are also songs to learn for the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ series: Jack and the Beanstalk music sessions

On the same site, there are some stories from around the world to explore, accompanied with songs and activities: Traditional tales from around the world BBC

Science / craft

Revise what you know about each of the four seasons with these free games: seasons games

Enjoy having a go at different craft activities to celebrate summer! craft ideas summer season


Have fun producing some amazing patterns and designs with Toy Theater website


Try this free Bee-Bot game. If you pull down the menu where it says, ‘select your mat’, you can choose different mats including a town, a country road and the Old West! Don’t forget to say ‘left’ and ‘right’ as you choose the turns so you become confident with directions.


Make healthy fruit kebabs or fruit salads using your favourite fruits. Maybe you could help to prepare a whole picnic!

I hope to see as many of you as possible on Tuesday! Have an amazing last week. xx

Reading Books

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and are looking forward to the summer holidays.

Please can we request that everyone has a good search at home to find any school reading books that may be lurking around?  Please bring them into school when you attend your class picnic where a large labelled box will be placed to collect the books for your class.

It would be really helpful to have the books back next week so that we can ensure they are returned to the correct classroom, ready for next year.

I will also place boxes by the office if you are not attending the picnic so that you can drop them off at any point over next week.

We hope you have enjoyed reading them and we look forward to seeing you at the picnics next week!

Mrs Hilditch x

Friday 10th July

Hi, everyone.

Well, it’s Friday again! How soon they come round. Here are our activities for Maths and English.


Today we will be solving a problem using symmetry. Do you remember what symmetry means? Have a watch of the short video if you’re not sure and see if you can see the symmetry in the shapes towards the end: BBC Bitesize symmetry

Now see if you can solve the problem below. You could use bits of paper for this or even items of the colour mentioned.

Remember that your patterns need to be symmetrical. Think where the line of symmetry would be before you start. (Halfway, so after the third box). If you want a greater challenge, why not use a fourth colour too?


For today’s English task, I would like you to write a short story, poem or piece of information all about friendship. Maybe you could write about what ‘friendship’ means to you, or you could write some sentences about why you get on so well with your friends. This task is inspired by the competition that is being run by the Friends of Pontesbury Library. If you would like to submit your work to the library, then use the email address on the poster below or pop it into The Pavilion. You don’t have to enter the competition though; you can just complete the task and email it to me to see as usual. I will not enter your work into the competition unless you ask me to!

Remember to look at Mrs Gwyther’s post for details of your afternoon art task.

Have a great day,

Mrs Garcia x

Thursday 9th July

Hi, everyone. I hope you are all well and that you have seen Mrs Rowe’s post about the picnic next week. I will be attending and am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible! Here are the activities for Thursday. Remember that Mrs Gwyther will also be posting an art task for the afternoon.


Start by watching the video about 3D shapes and their faces, edges and vertices: BBC Bitesize 3D shapes

Have a read of the problem below and see if you can make any of the shapes. You may not have straws but could use toothpicks, lollipop sticks or strips of card. To fix the pieces together, you could use playdough, blue-tack or sellotape. Alternatively you could use any construction equipment that you have.

If having the resources to do this is a problem, don’t worry. See if you can complete some of this sheet instead. It is quite tricky so try your best and use real life objects if you can to test out whether or not the shape will roll or stack: 3D Shapes Properties Table Activity Sheet

Barbara Hepworth was a British artist who is famous for creating sculptures using carving. Many of her sculptures have interesting shapes and represent the relationships between people and nature. Below are some examples of her art. What shapes can you spot? If you can’t name some of them, then try describing them. Why has she chosen these shapes do you think?


Last week, when I was teaching the reception children, I came across a story called, ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. I thought to myself that Room 5 would probably really like it too. Have a listen to the story and try to answer the questions at the end of the video: The Colour Monster

Have fun either drawing a colour monster to represent your mood today – or the mood you would like to have today – or make your own monster. If you want to see how to make one, watch the following video from about 7:20 mins: make a colour monster demo

When you have drawn or made your colour monster, I would like you to write some sentences to describe it. I want you to think about using some really good adjectives to describe the colour you have chosen and to try to use different words for the colour. We call these synonyms. So, if you choose the colour red, can you think of other words that mean the same or very similar to ‘red’? (For example: crimson, maroon, scarlet, ruby) You may have come across some new words for different colours when reading ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’.

Maybe jot down three alternative words for your colour before you start your writing. Also, think about the emotion that this colour represents. Why have you chosen this colour? What other feelings does this colour represent? Maybe you could extend your writing by describing other colours too. Use some of the ideas in the book to help you if you are struggling. Today is a great opportunity for using connectives, especially ‘because’ and ‘when’ so try hard to get them in your writing.

Have a super day. x

Art Week Day 4

The artist for today is Henri Matisse.

Henri Matisse was a French artist known for his use of colour and his original ideas. Matisse started to create large scale paper collages. He called the technique ‘painting with scissors’.

Have a go at creating your own cut out collages. Use simple shapes and bright colours. Cut and arrange your pieces before you start sticking!


Picnic Plans

Firstly, we would like to offer heartfelt thanks to our wonderful school community. The support and understanding that our parents have shown during this incredibly difficult time has been enormously appreciated. We are all really sad that this pandemic has not allowed us to bring all the children back into school before the summer holidays but we do want to mark the end of this memorable year.

We would like to offer all our children the chance to come into school for an open-air picnic in the last week of term. Parents are welcome to join us with younger siblings. We will need parents to supervise their own children at all times and to maintain social distancing from other families and staff. We want this to be a happy time but we need everyone to recognise that children can’t run about to play as they would usually. This will be an opportunity to say goodbye to their teacher from this year and to meet up – albeit in a socially distanced way – with their classmates. 

Our plans are dependent on the weather being pleasant enough for the children to sit outside. If we have to change or cancel our plans we will notify you by text. 

When are the picnics?
Picnic times: 12.30 – 1.15

Mon 13th July – Y4 (room 6) and Y2 (room 3)
Tues 14th July- Y1 (room 5)
Wed 15th July – Y3 (room 2), YR (room 4) and Y5 (room 7)

Thurs 16th July – Y6 (room 8) – this picnic will begin at 1pm and will last until 2pm to enable some of our end of year traditions to take place. More details will be shared with the Year 6 children and parents on the Room 8 page.

Key Information:

  • all the picnics will take place outside and children will need to bring their own packed lunch with them.
  • children may bring a picnic blanket to sit on.
  • children currently attending school in a key worker bubble will also attend the picnic but will sit in a slightly different – adjacent – area outside. 
  • if your child attends key worker care but wouldn’t usually attend on the day of their picnic, you may bring them to join the picnic and they will need to sit with you and maintain social distancing from other children and families. 
  • we will ask the children to sit with a suitable space between them. 
  • access to school toilets will be very limited and can only be used in an emergency – we would be very grateful if families could support us by making sure children have gone to the toilet and washed their hands before arriving at school.
  • adults dropping off and collecting children are asked to maintain a suitable distance between themselves and others.

Arriving for the picnic

When you arrive at school you will need to follow the signs to walk your child around to their picnic area on the school field. Parents are welcome to attend with their child but will be responsible for maintaining social distancing from staff and other families. 

Collecting your child from the picnic

When it is time to collect your child we would like you to walk around school to collect your child from their picnic space and make your way (in an anti-clockwise route) around the school and back out through the staff car park.

Wednesday 8th July

Hi, everyone.

I will be double checking that this post definitely gets published after this morning’s fiasco! Here are our English and maths activities for Wednesday.


Today we will be looking at 3D shapes. First of all, let’s revise what we know about 3D shapes. Use the sheet to match the real life item to the correct shape. Can you find other items around your house that are also these shapes? matching 3D shapes 

This song may help! 3D shape song

Choose one of the 3D shape nets. Use the net to make a model of a real life item. This could be one of the things that you found around the house. You may want to decorate the net first before cutting it out! 3D shape nets

Cut around the black line and assemble it together carefully. You are likely to need an adult to help with this! You may want to make more than one model.

When you have finished, see if you can describe your shape. Do you remember what ‘face’ means? A cube has six faces and they are all squares. How many faces does your model have and what 2D shape are they?


Today we are going to find out more information about a famous artist and complete a factfile about them. Start by listening to this fun story all about Pigasso and Mootisse! Can you work out which famous artists the characters are named after? When Pigasso Met Mootisse

In real life, Picasso and Matisse did know one another and were friends at one point, but they considered themselves to be rivals in the art world! Both artists liked to use shapes in their work. Choose either Picasso and Matisse and do some research to find out a little more about them. Then, use the factfile to write down what you find: artist study

These websites may help:


BBC Bitesize Picasso


Matisse video (there is a lovely activity you may want to try at the end of this video too!)


Art games

On yesterday’s post that got lost, I had put links to fun art activities that you can have a go at on the computer if you are inspired to do more! Here is the address: The children will know this activity from when we looked at African art. There are other options on this site too: snowflake, spiral, rose, mirror, spin, twirl, polygon). Just click on ‘art’ at the top of the page or the different options on the left of the screen.

Have fun! x

Art Week Day 3

The artist for today is Andy Goldsworthy.

As you can see, Andy Goldsworthy produces artwork using natural materials such as flowers, leaves, pebbles, twigs, grass etc.

If you can, go into your garden and create a piece of art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

If you are unable to go into your garden today, please recycle some materials that you have at home, to create a piece of art.