The last week of term!

I cannot believe that we have come to the end of this school year!  This is now the last week of term and if we were in school, we would be doing all sorts of fun things.

This week, the post is giving you ideas for the whole week.  Please do as much or as little of it as you are able.  Let me know how you get on and if you need anything.

Here are your ideas for this week:


Here is your White Rose maths videos for the week.  This week the focus is time!!!

Here are the lesson worksheets.





Here are some games and other sheets you could try.

Here are some more general maths activities and games to practise your skills.   (times table practise)  (mental maths)   (times tables)

Here are some maths activities.

Addition and Subtraction Booklet

Maths Number Place and Value Workbook

Year 2 Summer Maths Activities

Some English ideas:

Your favourite…a few word searches!

Common Exception Words 1

Common Exception Words 2

Common Exception Words 3

Common Exception Words 4

Common Exception Words 5

Some spelling and grammar ideas:

Mat 1

Mat 2

Mat 3

Mat 4

Mat 5

Mat 6

Year 2 Summer English Activity Booklet

Some reading challenges. Each comprehension has more than one difficultly, choose the most suitable for you.

Leopards Reading comprehension

Planets and the solar system reading comprehension

The Bear who came to Babysit comprehension

Some ideas for writing…

Creative Writing Prompts

Other things you could try…

  • flowers flextangle paper craft
  • learn how to tie your shoe laces
  • bake a cake or some biscuits
  • tidy your bedroom
  • help someone without telling them
  • write a story
  • write a song
  • make your own board game
  • design an invention to help someone
  • draw your family
  • do some gardening
  • Origami Butterfly Activity
  • cuddle up on the settee and watch a film
  • draw some more Rob Biddulph characters
  • go on a picnic (Monday is a great day for this)!
  • go for a walk or a bike ride
  • play hide and seek
  • make a den
  • make a junk model
  • draw and name 5 different insects from your garden
  • design your own animal

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I will add more to the website during the week.  Let me know what you are up to.  I am really looking forward to seeing you on Monday for our picnic, if you can make it.

Lots of love from Mrs Pope xx




Colomendy News

Hello Room 3.

Sorry for the late post, but here is an update on our adventures in Colomendy.  The sad news is that the visit will have to be postponed again.😢

The good news is that we will definitely be going. 🥳  The information we have had is that Colomendy will be ready for us in the spring.  More information to follow as soon as we have it.

So don’t worry. Room 3 WILL be having adventures, just a little later than planned.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.😘

Mrs Pope x

Reading Books

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and are looking forward to the summer holidays.

Please can we request that everyone has a good search at home to find any school reading books that may be lurking around?  Please bring them into school when you attend your class picnic where a large labelled box will be placed to collect the books for your class.

It would be really helpful to have the books back next week so that we can ensure they are returned to the correct classroom, ready for next year.

I will also place boxes by the office if you are not attending the picnic so that you can drop them off at any point over next week.

We hope you have enjoyed reading them and we look forward to seeing you at the picnics next week!

Mrs Hilditch x

Friday 10th July

Well we have made it to Friday.  Hopefully the weather today will be a little better than it has been.  So let’s do this!

Morning Maths:

Today I’d like you to have a little look at coordinates.  It seem such a long time since we looked at this last and played battle ships.

Remember, when reading coordinates you need to read across first, then up.  Put your fingers on the lines, and where they meet, that is your coordinate.  Coordinates are always written in brackets with a comma between them. (3,4).

Have a little look at the sheet below.

Morning Maths 1


Back by popular demand…Maths Mystery!

The Mystery of the Missing Moji.

Maths Mystery game 2

Remember the answers are at the back, so no peeking!


It’s Free Write Friday.

Have a look at the pictures below or choose one of your own to write about.  You can choose to write anything you like. Diary, letter, story, information, poem, cartoon, go for it!

As it is Friday, it is spelling test day.  It is also your last spelling test of this year as next week there are not going to be any spellings.

As it is Arts Week, I thought you might like to learn how to draw a dog, called Teddy and yes, for those of you who are fans, he is a pug!

Have a lovely afternoon, Mrs Gwyther will post your art.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you all next week for the last week of term.

Love from Mrs Pope xx





Thursday 9th July

Good morning my lovelies, I hope you are well.

Lets warm up our brains first, let’s look at a little bit of shape sorting.  Sort the shapes, according to the criteria, into this Venn diagram.  Remember if the shape meets both criteria, it goes in the middle.

Our maths today is continuing with time.  Today we are looking at quarter past and to.

Morning Maths


For those of you who are super confident, here is a bit more of a challenge.

Digital to analogue


Today, I’d like to you to find out a little more about a famous artist called Georgia O’keeffe.

Georgia O’Keeffe PowerPoint

As you can see, she was quite an amazing woman.

Here is a reading comprehension about Georgia O’Keefe for you to have a little look at.


Comprehension 1

Comprehension 2

Comprehension 3

As always, comprehension 3 is the hardest.

Why don’t you ask if you can pick a flower from the garden and draw it up close, just like Georgia O’Keeffe?

If you have a little time, you could listen to this story while you work.

The Twits By Roald Dahl

Mrs Gwyther will be setting our afternoon of art!

Have a lovely day everyone, let me know how you get on.

Mrs Pope x

Art Week Day 4

The artist for today is Henri Matisse.

Henri Matisse was a French artist known for his use of colour and his original ideas. Matisse started to create large scale paper collages. He called the technique ‘painting with scissors’.

Have a go at creating your own cut out collages. Use simple shapes and bright colours. Cut and arrange your pieces before you start sticking!


Wednesday 8th July

Good morning everyone.

I hope the weather didn’t stop you from having fun yesterday.  I cannot believe it is Wednesday already.  This week seems to be flying past.

Morning Maths:

We haven’t looked at charts and graphs for a while, so remind your brains with a little bit of practise.

Morning Maths

Maths:  Maths today is all about reading time.  I know that many of you have been practising this skill and so are pretty confident.  If reading O’clock and half past is not for you, have a look at the sheets below.


Reading around the clock face in 5 minutes

For our English/Art today I would like you to listen to one of my favourite books.  The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson.  I love the pictures in this book, especially the page where the little girl is remembering things.  As it is Arts Week, I thought we’d have a go at making paper people.  I love doing this, You can make a chain of your friends or your family, whatever you feel like.  They don’t even need to be people, I’m sure you can make a chain of dinosaurs or birds. Go for it!


Here is a quick video for how to make paper dolls.

Take a few minutes to read your book and practise your spellings.

Mrs Gwyther will post this afternoons art work.

I hope you have a lovely day, let me know how your paper people turn out.

Love from Mrs Pope x

Picnic Plans

Firstly, we would like to offer heartfelt thanks to our wonderful school community. The support and understanding that our parents have shown during this incredibly difficult time has been enormously appreciated. We are all really sad that this pandemic has not allowed us to bring all the children back into school before the summer holidays but we do want to mark the end of this memorable year.

We would like to offer all our children the chance to come into school for an open-air picnic in the last week of term. Parents are welcome to join us with younger siblings. We will need parents to supervise their own children at all times and to maintain social distancing from other families and staff. We want this to be a happy time but we need everyone to recognise that children can’t run about to play as they would usually. This will be an opportunity to say goodbye to their teacher from this year and to meet up – albeit in a socially distanced way – with their classmates. 

Our plans are dependent on the weather being pleasant enough for the children to sit outside. If we have to change or cancel our plans we will notify you by text. 

When are the picnics?
Picnic times: 12.30 – 1.15

Mon 13th July – Y4 (room 6) and Y2 (room 3)
Tues 14th July- Y1 (room 5)
Wed 15th July – Y3 (room 2), YR (room 4) and Y5 (room 7)

Thurs 16th July – Y6 (room 8) – this picnic will begin at 1pm and will last until 2pm to enable some of our end of year traditions to take place. More details will be shared with the Year 6 children and parents on the Room 8 page.

Key Information:

  • all the picnics will take place outside and children will need to bring their own packed lunch with them.
  • children may bring a picnic blanket to sit on.
  • children currently attending school in a key worker bubble will also attend the picnic but will sit in a slightly different – adjacent – area outside. 
  • if your child attends key worker care but wouldn’t usually attend on the day of their picnic, you may bring them to join the picnic and they will need to sit with you and maintain social distancing from other children and families. 
  • we will ask the children to sit with a suitable space between them. 
  • access to school toilets will be very limited and can only be used in an emergency – we would be very grateful if families could support us by making sure children have gone to the toilet and washed their hands before arriving at school.
  • adults dropping off and collecting children are asked to maintain a suitable distance between themselves and others.

Arriving for the picnic

When you arrive at school you will need to follow the signs to walk your child around to their picnic area on the school field. Parents are welcome to attend with their child but will be responsible for maintaining social distancing from staff and other families. 

Collecting your child from the picnic

When it is time to collect your child we would like you to walk around school to collect your child from their picnic space and make your way (in an anti-clockwise route) around the school and back out through the staff car park.

Art Week Day 3

The artist for today is Andy Goldsworthy.

As you can see, Andy Goldsworthy produces artwork using natural materials such as flowers, leaves, pebbles, twigs, grass etc.

If you can, go into your garden and create a piece of art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

If you are unable to go into your garden today, please recycle some materials that you have at home, to create a piece of art.