Picnic day

A reminder that our picnic day is on Wednesday. It will be great to see all of those that can come but I fully understand if people can’t make it.

For those that do come please bring any school reading books in. If you can’t come to the picnic could you drop these off at the office?

The exercise books that the children have used this year will be able to be collected this week. Again this can either be done at the picnic or from the office.

If you have any questions please get in touch


I will do a final post for this term on Friday.

Monday 13th July

Welcome to the last week of term. As Mr.Langford has posted on the main news today’s posts will cover the whole week. During the last week of term we would normally be having things such as: watching Year 6’s dress rehearsal, sports days, videos, bringing games in etc. so the work will reflect that there is no expectation for the children to follow the usual routines of work i.e. maths, English and at least one other subject.

If any of the children prefer to keep to a routine I am putting links for maths, English, science and history but there will also be suggestions for other things.

I am more than happy for the children to only have a go at the other suggestions.

A reminder that our picnic day is on Wednesday. It would be lovely to see lots of you but I fully appreciate that some people will prefer not to come.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic last week of the year. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.


Extra ideas

Please remember that if we were in school that the last week of the summer term gets very disrupted and as a result lots of the curriculum gets changed.

If you want to do the maths, English, science and history work that is fine but you can choose completely different things if you want.

Things to try:

Play board games

Play in your garden

Bake a cake

Draw your pet

Read a book

Start to learn a language

Play a musical instrument

This week try different things and have fun.

Watch Leeds mess up

Watch Leeds win the league



White rose maths for Year 5 covers metric units, imperial units, time and timetable problems. These are all useful things to work on.

Year 5 videos      Lesson-1-Metric-units        Lesson-1-Answers

Lesson-2-Imperial-units    Lesson-2-Answers        Lesson-3    Answers    Lesson-4    Answers

Year 6 work covers: drawing 3D shapes, circles, pie charts and finding the mean. These are new topics and will be really tricky if the videos aren’t watched. The children who have been tackling this work are capable of doing this.

Videos    Lesson-1      Answers      Lesson-2-Circles      Lesson-2-Answers-Circles

Read-and-interpret-pie-charts    Answers  The-mean    Answers-The-mean

Super challenge – How many points do Leeds need to get promoted?




Bitesize updates English lessons daily. You can also click on upcoming lessons. This week’s work is looking at myths and legends.

As it is the last week it is an ideal opportunity to write your thoughts of this term. What has it been like during lockdown? This could be done as a poster, a letter, a diary a PowerPoint or any other way.

You will hopefully be doing lots of reading so you might want to do a quiz on accelerated reader.

It is still important to practise grammar and punctuation skills.

modal-verbs-lesson        Lesson-2-relative-pronouns-lesson    Lesson-3-active-and-passive-lesson    Lesson-4-subject-and-object-lesson    Lesson-5-subjunctive-form      Lesson-6-synonyms-and-antonyms      Lesson-7-apostrophes-for-contraction      Lesson-8-apostrophes-for-possession    Lesson-9-phrases-and-clauses    Lesson-10-tenses      Lesson-11-commands-statements-and-questions    Lesson-12-direct-and-reported-speech    Lesson-13-preposition-and-pronouns    Lesson-14-adjectival-phrases    Lesson-15-dashes-and-hyphens    Lesson-16-determiners

I am NOT expecting any of this to be covered. I have linked it all for anyone that wants work for the holidays. We will go over this in September. If you do understand these things then in September you will be able to work on other things and will only have to quickly recap it.

For a writing task you could tell me why Leeds United are the best football team.

If you want to do any other English work that is fine.



Friday 10th July

Another week has flown by. On a Friday we have maths, English and a library session. I really hope everyone is doing a lot of reading – curl up somewhere nice and enjoy your book. Some art will be posted by Mrs.Gwyther.

Maths is the Friday challenge from bitesize and whiterose. Challenge    Answers


I have really enjoyed your stories from the last two days. For a change of pace I would like you to write some non-fiction.

Non-fiction pack tells you about all of the different sorts of non-fiction you could use. As a free write Friday choose any topic you want to write about. The link does give you lots of ideas.

Pablo Picasso: Extra ideas and links.

Video information          Picasso powerpoint




Thursday 9th July


Year 5 are looking at translations (that is when a shape moves) and Year 6 at angles in regular polygons.

Year 5 video      Lesson-4-Translation      Lesson-4-Answers

Year 6 video    Lesson-4-Angles      Lesson-4-Answers

I really enjoyed your stories yesterday. It did make a difference you not having to worry about mistakes. Today I would like you to look at the story starters PowerPoint. This has 5 different story starts to do with space. Use the same ideas as yesterday and DON’T worry about mistakes.You can continue one of these starters or make up your own. Use Francesca’s idea and use book creator. You might want to take two days doing this so that you can have pictures to go with it.

For art please look at the idea that goes on the main school website. For further help look at Who is Henri Matisse?


Have a go at trying to reproduce some of his work. Henri Matisse biography. Henri-Matisse-powerpoint

If you want to try something extra tell me what things you would like to find out about space and the Victorians next year. No promises but we might be able to carry it out. Have a good day. Is there anything you would really like to do next week?


Wednesday 8th July

On a Wednesday we have PE so you might like to have a think what activitiy you want to do for this. The last week of term will come very quickly so if any of the children can think of anything they would like to do they can let me know. I will continue to post maths and English as lots of people like the routine but I am open to suggestions for alternative work.

For maths we continue to use whiterose. Year 5 work is reflection of shapes and Year 6 is angles in quadrilaterals.

Year 5 video      Lesson-3-Reflection       Lesson-3-Answers

Year 6 video      Lesson-3-Angles-in-special-quadrilaterals    Lesson-3-Answers-Angles

For English I feel too many people worry about making mistakes when they write. As a result their imagination isn’t allowed to run free incase they forget capital letters, full stops, commas or a lot of other things. Today you don’t need to worry about making a mistake. I just want to see how imaginative you can be. Some people prefer handwriting; others using a computer – I don’t mind. Have a look at the picture and write a short story about it. Don’t worry about mistakes.

For art week have a look at the post about Andy Goldsworthy. Art post

Remember you can be continuing any work from transition week, reading a book or doing some PE. Have a super day.